Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi, my dear brothers and sisters, before using the thistimeworld.com site, you must know some of the specific rules and regulations of our website, i.e. the policies and conditions.
Since our website is for the benefit of all, it has been created for the remove unemployment problem, benefit of health, science and technology and to build a developed world.
So we will never want any harm or loss of respect from this thistimeworld.com site which we promise to you.

Here are some specific terms for readers of our website:

Our Importance Terms

  • No content on our website may be disputed.
  • No bad comments or dirty talk can be reported.
  • Nothing can be done to cause any kind of political instability.
  • No kind of obscene words, quarrels, abuse.
  • Violation of this site's terms will result in immediate removal from this website.

Please do not use our website if you do not like or wish to comply with our terms.

We hope that all users of this website will abide by the ethical terms of this site.

Everyone will be healthy and well. Everyone will be in harmony, will live a happy life with a smile away from the mind of violence and arrogance. Take care of everyone in the family. If you like our website, come back to us, thank you.

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