Review During a Job Interview

Review During a Job Interview

1. Don’t let yourself out of the zone during an interview.

2. Make sure you are well prepared.

3. Maintain communication during the interview and make an active effort to listen effectively.

4. Although you may have no problem paying attention to one interview after another in a private office, when you meet in a public place

Its hard to keep up with the interviewer.

5. Keep your answers short and focused - just answer the questions.

6. Don’t get distracted and start talking about your personal life - your wife, your home life or your kids are not things you should look for.

7. Your interview is a professional situation - not personal.

8. To get a sense of your qualifications for the job, your interviewer will take advantage of the allotted time.

9. Dont let yourself be caught guard. Prepare for your interview by reviewing the expected questions and how to answer them.

10. Review questions you shouldnt ask during a job interview.

11. If you feel you have failed an interview, take the time to send an email explaining your situation to the interviewer and thank them for the interview opportunity.

12. There is no excuse for delays in job interviews so show your enthusiasm by arriving on time.

13. For the virtual interview make sure all your technology works and is set up correctly, have no login in hand and make sure all confusion is removed.

14. Must be well presented so choose your attire carefully. Clothes should be clean and ironed.

15. Learning to strike a balance between talking too much and talking too little can be a challenge.

16. Complaining about coworkers, focusing on the negative aspects of your previous or current job, or yelling at you will all blow up your chances of success.

17. What you shouldnt do in an interview is all good and good, but dont use too much if you dont know what you should do to win a job.

18. Show your interest in the company and the job. Find out the job you are interviewing for and why you want the job. Wear appropriate clothing. Turn off your cell phone and focus on the interviewer and the interviewers.


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