13 Interview Tips

13 Interview Tips

Good companies choose the best person after a lot of checking and selection. So the people of those companies are less prone to quit their jobs.

Always present yourself in a confident and energetic way. Here some interview tips

1. Firstly attention your dresscode when you going to the job interview office. Do not keep your hair random, shave. Clothing expresses your taste. The girls will also go in elegant clothes. Do not apply strong scented body sprays or scents. Be tasteful in all cases. Those freshers often go to interviews after dressing like students which should not be done at all.

2.  When you go to interview office you must bring your cv and cover letter and a pen, notebook.  

3. Going to an interview without a pen is not only a mistake, it is also a crime.

4. Do not late reach at interview office its another big crime for your step.

5. Speak your job experience honestly and use the right word. Dont speak the wrong language.

6. Answer the question correctly, dont look down, dont do it left or right.

7. Keep the phone silent, so that there is no vibration during the interview.

8.Do not be clever. Present your correct statement. Do not use strong odors before entering the interview.

9. Do not arguement with the employer. Remember that. Be tolerant, humble, flexible.

10. You’re not getting a job, so you’re a little weak mentally, but don’t let the employer understand that. Always present yourself in a confident and energetic way.

11. Do not behave arrogantly. maintain a good relationship.

12.  Keep a cool head. Having your test. This is called the Emotion Intelligence Control Test. Got angry and lost.

13. Lastly, create an attractive CV with a focus on work. 


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