Dry Season in Kenya, Dairy Cattle Death

Dry Season in Kenya, Dairy Cattle Death

The dry season in Kenya, the death march of dairy cattle

Kenya is a country in North Africa. The nation is facing a catastrophe due to climate change. Drought has occurred in the country due to lack of rain in torrential downpours. Biamado is a town in Wazir County, northern Kenya. Deaths of animals take place along the citys two streets. Cattle carcasses arranged on both sides of the dusty road. The intense dry season has created a terrible situation for the decaying animals under the scorching sun. Therefore, the people of that place have really moved closer to disaster. Since their work depends on cattle. The cattle that are left have become dirty and powerless and cannot give milk as expected. Most parts of northern Kenya have received 30% less rainfall than normal since September this year. The most notable on this years record was the terrifying low rainfall season. So there has been a shortage of food and water.

 Maize becomes their staple food in the dry season. But due to lack of water the animals become so weak that their bones enter their skin. They are hanging tight for the rain. So that green fields and animals can solve their problems.

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