Do you know of Google Drive?

Do you know of Google Drive?

Google Drive is the most famous distributed storage. Virtually all of us have a Google Account. Many of us have been using Google Drive for our own needs. Assuming you are considering what Google Drive is, the search solution in this post is 6

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a distributed storage system, we know this data for sure. Google Drive is used to store media and records on the web. You can store your files, folders, videos, images, all of your desktop based storage in your gmail account Google Drive. Files, folders, videos, images, all storage is stored on Google servers and can be accessed via the Internet from any gadget. To use Google Drive, you must have a Google Gmail account. Assuming you have this Google Account, that is, a Gmail address, then you can use Drive as an admin using YouTube, Gmail, Photos, Play Store, and similar records.

Drives can be obtained from any program by visiting the site or through the Drive program. Help can be used from the Drive app on Android and iOS controlled gadgets alike.

Is Google Drive Free? How much does Google Drive cost?

15 GB of Google Drive is accessible at no cost with a Google Account. This storage is completely free to use for Drive, Gmail and Photos. If this free 15 GB is not enough for you, you can buy different packages for Google Drive storage. You can purchase a monthly or annual subscription to Google One.

There is also the option to purchase Google Drive storage separately. You need to pay 2 USD per month to store 100 GB of Google Drive. A 200 GB stockpiling plan can be purchased for 3 USD per month. 1TB drive storage is similarly accessible for 10 USD per month. You must have a credit card to buy drive storage.

Supported record design

Google Drive supports virtually all file formats There is a specified file size limit for storing it in a specific file size.

 For example, up to 1.02 million characters can be transferred to Google Drive, which can be opened with Google Document. The record size of this archive can be up to 50 MB. With Google Spreadsheets Pages account, Google Drive maintains up to 5 million deals. Spreadsheets pages can be opened with Google Sheets when transferred to Drive. You can add and edit your sheets by uploading them to Google Drive, opening them in Google Sheets. You can view and modify it with Google Slides, the maximum size is 100 MB. Google Drive holds a single record size of up to 5TB of any type other than the referenced file formats. A wide range of virtual records can be transferred and stored in Google Drive.

Rules transferring Files

Document drives can be transferred from any PC or multipurpose utilizing program or application. To upload files from a PC program to Google Drive, sign in to

On the Google Drive page you can right-click on any file and click upload. Select and upload the file, folder that you want to upload, you can drag and upload the file or folder. You can similarly transfer a document to Google Drive by tapping the New button below the Google Drive logo, tapping File Upload, or Taping Folder Upload.

Transferring records from portable to drive is extremely easy. You can transfer any type of record to Drive by logging into the Google Drive application, tapping with the (+) sign and selecting Upload.

Rules for downloading records

It is very easy to download records from Google Drive. To download a record or envelope from your PC program, right-click on that document or organizer and snap the download. Drive records can be downloaded from Portable in virtually the same way. However, folders cannot be downloaded from the mobile application. To download any record, tap the three-dot menu and tap Download. You can download countless records in the same way.

Do you know the features of Google Drive?

Google Drive has various features for Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, google forms, google drawings, google my maps, google site, google apps script and google jamboard. We should check out the new features in Google Drive

Voice composing

You will now be able to say something as opposed to typing manually. This office will be accessible in 40 dialects. To compose a voice, you need to go to Google Drive Docs tool and select Voice Typing, and then Google will change your voice into a message when you start talking by tapping on the amplifier.

Google test tool for Android

Google Docs has come up with another tool called Research, which lets you look at Google without having to leave the archive. Text will now be able to be rearranged to reports from the web, and even images and links can be inserted.


Google has also introduced several new templates. To use these layouts docs, sheets, slides, google forms, google drawings, google my maps, google site, google apps script, google jamboard.

New change button

You will now be able to see what others have changed in the general record with the “See new changes” button

Google Sheets feature

Another device has been added to Google Spreadsheets that will eventually create an outline for you. Suppose you want to highlight a specific field attribute field

 A quick chart will be created.

Google Slides feature

The Google Slides feature is similar to PowerPoint in that you can do things online in PowerPoint. The Google Slides include empowers pictures, organized archives, livelinesss and advances to slides.

Google Forms

Google Forms lets you know the data you want from different clients. It allows you to change colors, transfer base images and add images.

Google Drawings

As a Google Drawings web application, the app allows you to create and edit online flowcharts, website wireframes, mind maps, concept maps, and organizational charts as well as other types of diagrams.

Google Maps

Google Maps Live Area updates can help you find the right address.

Google Sites

Some new features of Google Sites: theme, site page, template and page design layout. Add a link, you can link to your website.

Allows file upload and folder, material design layout.

Google Apps Script

This is a scripting platform that has been developed for development in the workspace platform.

Google Jamboard

Type, draw, search, and insert images or webpages with the stylus included in Google Jamboard. Enter your text. Draw and change pictures.


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