What is the phone SAR value?

What is the phone SAR value?

Electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation. Exposure to high amounts of radiation has its downsides. Knowing the amount of radiation emitted by a device is very important. In this case a metric called SAR Value is used.

What is the phone SAR value?

The full name of SAR is Specific Absorption Rate, which refers to the rate of absorption of Radio Frequency energy by our body from a source. The FCC gives the SAR Value that characterizes the radio frequency exposure of a wireless device. Currently, almost all phones are manufactured following SAR safety guidelines.

SAR Value refers to the amount of energy emitted by a device absorbed by our body. Devices use electromagnetic frequencies. Phones are using this energy to connect to the network, otherwise the phones cannot connect to the network. If SAR is excessive, our body can face various types of damage.

To check SAR Value of any mobile phone go to dialer app and dial *#07# to see SAR Value information. A maximum SAR limit of 1.6 or less is preferable.

For devices which SAR Value cannot be checked in dialer app, visit the product page on the company official website to know the SAR Value of those devices. You can also find it in the About section of the phone settings. Besides, you can also know the SAR Value by visiting the smartphone website.


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