Google Hidden Strategies and Do not search on Google

Google Hidden Strategies and Do not search on Google

Google Hidden Strategies

With more than 75 percent of global online search requests being handled by Google, it is the epicenter of Internet users experiences. The answer to most things I do not know. Google is accustomed to answering. From food recipes to online banking, I tend to Google. Google is an online platform where you can find the information you need.

Search tips for using Google more efficiently

Use the keyboard tab button.

Use the quotation mark.

Use a hyphen to exclude words.

Use a colon to search specific sites.

Use the asterisk wildcard.

Find similar sites to other sites.

Use Google search to do the math.

What is the hidden Google strategy?

Go to Google!

Type barrel roll in barrel roll-do and click search. Roll the barrel. This is the best opportunity to surprise your friends with it.

Type Google Askew Trick-Askew and click Search.

Type Google Gravity - Google Gravity then click on I am Feeling Lucky.

Blink HTML. ...

Google Fun Tricks

One of Google most popular tricks is to ask Google to roll the barrel.

Atari Breakout


Google gravity

Jerg Rush.

Google has added Easter eggs to Google search, YouTube and many more products and services since 2000. Easter eggs are hidden features or messages and cultural references.

Website is where the Google logo covers the two and makes them disappear.

Do a Google search for the word "askew", then Google has moved only a few degrees.

Do not Google search for these things

Google has no content of its own. So, not everything you search on Google has to be accurate and precise. Here are 8 things you should never do on Google

Do not Google the online banking website

Google has many fake online banking websites. This is because you can enter the login ID and password on a website that looks like your bank website.

Do not search the company customer care contact number on Google

Fraudsters post fake business listings and customer care numbers on websites to make people believe that these are the real customer care numbers to scam them.

Do not search to download the app

For mobile apps, search the App Stores. For example, Google Play for Android and App Store for iPhones Searching for apps on Google may result in fake app installations.

Do not search for treatment symptoms on Google

Google is not a place to search for medical drugs. Do not rely on Google search information to find out about the disease because it is dangerous to buy drugs based on the information you get.

Do not search for personal financial guidance

Avoid seeking advice from Google search results when investing personal money.

Do not search official websites

Official website Municipal tax, hospital etc. websites are scams. Avoid websites that are difficult to identify. Instead of searching on Google, choose the official website knowing the exact link directly.

Do not search Google offers

The fake offer page on the website has flooded Google. This is a scam where people are tempted to click on attractive deals to steal login details.

Do not Google free antivirus search

Avoid searching for antivirus on Google because it contains counterfeit products.


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