Top Ten popular Bridges in the world

Top Ten popular Bridges in the world

Various bridges are as of now being worked across the world to cross streams. Communication has improved a lot around the world. Communication has been established between the two ends of the river by bridges on the banks of big rivers. Some bridges have also united the two countries. Bridge is one of the art of construction. These installations make peoples lives easier. Our the present occasion is about the biggest bridges on the world.

Do you know about the bridges of the world?

The Top Ten popular Bridges in the world

Assuming the longest bridge on the world is examined, China and Asia will be ahead in it. Strangely, the main bridges outside Asia is the longest at any point span. We should investigate the rundown of the 10 longest bridges on the world.

1. Beijing Grand Bridge

The bridge Construction was completed in 2010. It was released for use in 2011 after testing. The bridge length of 48.15 km. This bridge can carry trains at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour.

2. Changhua kaohsiung bridge

2012 the bridge carry 200 million visitors. The bridge length 157,317 m. and opened january 2007 for public. Construction completed: 2004 Its length is more than 156 km.

3. Cangde Grand Bridge

It is also the long biggest bridge with a long railway line like the Danyang Grand. In all, the bridge is 115.9 km long. The Bridge is considered big long in the world. The total area of ​​the bridge is 65.75 miles. It is located in China. Bridge extends of 48,000 meters. It took China about nine years to build.

4. Grand Bridge at Winan Wei

The Bridge part Zhangzhou which is in China. The 69.6 km long bridge was the longest bridge in the world at that time. 2006 complete its construction. 2010 bridge has been opened public. 

5.Tianjin Bridge

Tianjin Grand Construction began 2006  part of Beijing Shanghai ​​Railway. Five years later, in 2011, the bridge was declared open for use. The bridge is 113.6 km long. First and popular longest bridge in the world to cross the 100 km milestone. It is the biggest popular bridge in the world.

 6.Lake Punchertrain Causeway 

Causeway another name of the Bridge. The bridge consist of two parallel. Length of the two bridges  23.83 m. construction starts 1955 and open for public 1956, august. Its Height 18 m and  length 23.875 m.

7. Manchak Swamp Bridge

The Bridge length 22.80m.  it is one of the another longbig bridges in the world. The bridge in the United States. Total length 36,693 m,Opened 1979, Manchac Swamp 15m height and 95m width Completely toll-free, the bridge cost 8 million per mile to build.

8. Yangon-Dala bridge

Construction of the bridge May 2019 and to be complete in October 2022. The bridge length  4.3 km and width 27 m. 

9. Hangzhou Bay Bridge

The bridge connects the Chinese cities of Jiangxi and Ningbo with Zhejiang Province. The 35.6-kilometer-long bridge cost 11.6 billion yuan to build. The construction of the bridge was completed in 2006 but it was opened to the public in 2006.

10. Ranyang Bridge

The Ranyang Bridge is built over the Yangtze River in China. The bridge connects Yangzhou Province with Xinjiang Province. Construction of the bridge began in 2000 and was completed in 2005. Each bridge not only saves the lives of the people, it also saves the precious time of the people.


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