Top ten Rain Forests in the World

Top ten Rain Forests in the World

There are about 4 billion hectares (1 hectare = 2.47 s) of forest land in the world. That means it is spread over about 30 percent of the world. | Forest. Agriculture originated on earth about 11,000 years ago. About 40 percent of the forest has been destroyed since then. Two-thirds of this has been deforested in the last two centuries. People stay with them

Deforestation, land for agriculture, setting up of factories, timber etc. are deforestation for daily necessities. According to a United Nations survey, 91 million acres of the world forests have been destroyed in the last five years. Russia has the largest forest cover in the world. The total forest area here is 32 lakh 87 thousand 243 square miles. The top ten countries in the world in terms of forest area are: Russia 32,87,243 square miles, Brazil 21,00,359 square miles, Canada 9,44,294 square miles, United States 8,72,564 square miles, China 6,31,200 square miles, Australia 5,96,678 square miles, Congo 5,22,037 square miles, Indonesia 4,05,353 square miles, Angola 4,05,350 square miles and Peru 2,51,796 Square miles.

In addition to the forests of these top ten countries, there are many famous forests in the world that are well known not only by the name of the country but also by its own name. Currently, the rain forest is one of the most popular forests in the world. Most of the world rainforests are spread across several countries, such as the Amazon rainforest, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Suriname, French Guiana, Argentina, in a word, over a large area of ​​the South American continent. A few days ago, a famous news outlet listed the top ten rain forests in the world. These are:

(1) Manu Rain Forest: The Peruvian Amazon is said to be the queen of the world rain forests, and the Manu Rain Forest is the crown on the queen head. The part of the Amazon rainforest that falls in Peru is called the Manu Rain Forest. This is where the best resources of the Amazon forest can be found.

(2) Bindi National Park: Uganda This deep forest is located in the western part of Africa. It is said that sunlight cannot enter this region. Half of the world gorillas live in these forests. It is thought that at present only 600 members of this species survive.

(3) Fraser Island, Australia: It is the only forested forest in the world consisting of sand, a forest island 70 miles long on the south coast of Queensland, Australia. Terrible wild dog ‘Dingo’ lives in the forest. The forest is home to about 250 species of birds.

(4) Talmanka Rain Forest: Costa Rica and Panama are located at the confluence of the North and South American continents and the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. One part of this forest is located in Costa Rica and the other in Panama.

(5) Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand. Mount Cook National Park is a forest through which numerous warm springs flow.

(6) Sepic Rain Forest, New Guinea: A wide variety of animals and plants are scattered throughout the island of New Guinea. It would not be wrong to call the whole island a rain forest. It is home to 36 different species of Birds of Paradise.

(7) Kakum National Park, Ghana: This forest in West Africa is not only rich in biodiversity, it is also home to many endangered species. Among them are mona-meerkat, dwarf-handed and wild sheep. There are also many more diverse species of birds.

(8) Hoh Rain Forest, United States: Located in the heart of the American capital, this rain forest is unknown to many. The average annual rainfall in this humid forest is 250 inches. As a result, the vegetation here grows faster than any other forest in the world.

(9) Bataya Eye National Park, Malaysia: This tropical forest covers an area of ​​about 240 sq km on the island of Borneo in East Malaysia. The area has developed. There is an artificial lake 24 km long in this forest. The forest is home to a number of endangered species, including orangutans, gibbons, monkeys, and various species of cormorants.

(10) Madidi National Park, Bolivia: This rain forest covers an area of ​​4.6 million acres in northwestern Bolivia. Rare spiders, various species of monkeys, strange looking pekari are some of the locals.


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