What is the Correct Etiquette of Talking on the Phone?

What is the Correct Etiquette of Talking on the Phone?

Phone Etiquette

Answer the call three times before calling.

Your identity immediately upon receiving the call.

Speak clearly and clearly when speaking.

Use speakerphone only if necessary.

Actively listen to the caller and take notes.

Use the right language when talking to the caller.

Definitely try to stay cheerful.

Ask someone before holding or transferring the call.

What are the rules of telephone conversation?

Do and Do not of Telephone Etiquette.

Smile when you talk to the caller.

When you answer the phone, give the caller a warm welcome and suggest who they are talking to.

Welcome the caller.

Speak clearly.

Talk slowly.

Even if their name is not required for the call, ask the caller for their name.

Wait three seconds after the other person stops talking before you respond.

Do not do that in a telephone conversation.

Do not get confused.

Do not shout or whisper.

Do not hold the collar for long.

Some people have a tendency to be loud when talking, do not do the work.

Do not use slang.

Do not eat or drink.

Avoid speaker phone.

Eliminate inconsistencies.

Limit background noise.

Do not use poor equipment.

How do you talk professionally on the phone?

For telephone etiquette you need to speak professionally: present, polite, patient, personable, professional, active.

Answer the call immediately.


Introduce yourself and your business.

The phone should answer in the affirmative.

Greetings include "Hello," "Good Morning," or "Good Afternoon."

Speak clearly.

Do not use slander or gossip.

Ask before people get stuck.

Do not call through.

Be prepared for calls.

Monitor your voice.

What you do not do when talking professionally on the phone

Do not rush.

Do not interrupt the caller while answering the phone.

Lack of confidence.

Do not engage in other activities.

You should not wear more than three or four rings to answer the phone.

What if the phone rings?

If the phone is off, it will not ring. However, the caller can hear the ring-back tone before going to voicemail.


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