Difference Between Lobster and Prawn

Difference Between Lobster and Prawn

Shrimps are found in fresh and salt water. Lobsters usually live in fresh water and slightly brackish water. On the other hand, king prawns are marine brackish water shrimps, only coming to slightly brackish waters during the breeding season. Lobsters are the largest, Prawn are the smallest.


  • Lobsters are marine animals with thick and hard shells. Three pairs of claw-shaped legs.
  • Lobsters can be cultivated in fresh water and slightly saline water. Lays eggs in water.
  • Lobster has a meaty and sweet taste.
  • Lobster is rich in copper and zinc. Covers 100% more copper demand than lobster. Lobster has 111mg less sodium than shrimp.


  • Prawns are decapods. Two pairs of claw-shaped legs.
  • This shrimp is produced in the farm for cultivation. It lays eggs inside its own body.
  • Bagda Prawns are delicious to eat.
  • Similar in taste to Lobsters but prawns are sweeter and more flavorful than lobsters.
  • Prawns are high in phosphorus.
  • Contains 4 times more sodium than lobster.

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