Extinct Dodo Bird

Extinct Dodo Bird

It is known that a type of bird called dodo lived in Mauritius. And they were first discovered by the Dutch, who live in the Netherlands. They call this bird "Wagvogel". This awkward name means distaste or devotion. The reason for giving such a name is that when they see this bird cooked and eaten, the taste of its meat is very disgusting. That is why they gave this name. This is about the year 1598. In 1601, Admiral of that Dutch ship, Jacob van Neck, wrote about the bird in a newspaper. And then everyone knew about this foul-tasting meat bird. At that time, it was said in the description of the dodo bird that the bird looked a lot like a penguin. He also printed a picture of a hand-painted bird.

Like the Dodo bird

The dodo became extinct before the 17th century. It was a time when no camera was invented for still images. So it is difficult to guess the appearance of dodo bird by looking at his picture. But this time many dodo birds were caught and brought to Europe. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. They drew pictures of dodo birds. But the problem is, one by one the dodo birds were drawn. Is their ‘model’. The doves were of different ages, or of different species. Again, it may be that someone was a girl, Dodo, someone was a boy.

I have already said that the dodo bird used to grow quite large in the past. By calculation, they were about three and a half feet tall. And each one weighed about 20 kg. You have heard that the wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. Their wings were usually gray or brown. And the end of the fan was a little curly. The head was gray and had no feathers or fur. And the lips were as long as the colorful green-black-yellow colors were mixed in their lips. How long were their lips? About 23 centimeters or 9 inches.

And do you know what their legs would be like? Like a chicken! The color of the feet was yellow, and the color of the nails was black. However, even though they looked like chickens, their legs were quite strong. Of course, they could not run so fast!

Dodo bird character

Looking at the pictures, it became clear what they looked like. In the same way, the character of the dodo bird is known from the descriptions of that time. Not only did the people of that time draw pictures of the dodo bird, they also wrote a little bit about the dodo bird. And not much is known about it, and at least something is known about the nature and character of this lost, graceful bird.

For example, dodo food was mainly fruit. And they used to build houses on the ground. Tell me, why did you build a house on the ground without making a nest in a tree? Hey, they could not fly, how can they build a nest in a tree trunk! So the poor had to make their home on the ground. Dodo birds used to gather grass and hay and build nests in the roots of trees in the forest. And he could lay eggs in that house. Like chickens, they could lay eggs one by one. And the eggs were quite large in size, the color of the eggs was white. Many called them gluttonous birds. Again many said greedy. Because when the rainy season ended in Mauritius, they could not resist the temptation to look at the fruit; I used to eat like a petak! After eating, to become really fat and become a drum. And do you know what would have happened? When the dry season came after the rainy season, they did not eat anything; They would spend the dry season wandering around in fun!

Again, in Mauritius there is a kind of tree called ‘Tambaswalachok’. They are also called dodo tree. This is because the tree was totally dependent on the Dodo for its reproduction. If the fruit of the tree was eaten by a dodo bird, it would go into its stomach and be processed and come out in the form of seeds. And from that seed a new tambasbalachok tree was born. But with the extinction of the Dovo, the tree is no longer able to reproduce properly. Humans are responsible for the extinction of dodo birds. The dodo bird could neither fly nor run, it was on him

Quite simple. He would not even try to hide when he saw people around. And people also used to cook and eat dodo birds for fun. At that time no other animals were easily available for him to eat in Mauritius. So people used to attack dodos for meat. And even then, people were not aware that Dodo would take any initiative to save the bird. As a result, the glutton bird Dodo disappeared from the world by 1700; What a strange thing!


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