Innocent Animal Unknown information about Koala

Innocent Animal Unknown information about Koala

Innocent Animal Koala

Another Australian animal, the koala, roams with a baby in its belly like a kangaroo. Koala babies weigh only 0.5 grams at birth. They stay in mother bag for 6 months. The koala walks on the ground for a while but spends most of its time in the trees. Koalas sleep on tree branches during the day. Feeds the baby at night and eats by itself. Their main food is the leaves of the eucalyptus tree.

Like kangaroos, koalas are nocturnal animals. They live in the jungle. Koala main enemy is the tribal group and a wild dog named Dingo.

Europeans have invaded Australia and destroyed many eucalyptus trees. Koala team is in food and housing crisis. Their lives have become endangered.

The quail call the kids yoy. A newborn yoke is as small as a jellybean. At birth they do not have eyes, they do not have any fur on their body - they do not have a light covering ear. As soon as he was born, this little creature came into his mother queer pouch by himself. Now the question is very natural that it has no eyes, no ears, so how do they go to the pouch. Joey is born with two strong and full senses. They are smell and touch. Besides, his front legs and feet are so sensitive that he knows which way to go. That is how he reached Pouche. Here he lives in complete security. He lived here for seven months and became intelligent.

After spending six months in Joe Mae koalas pouch, Mae Koeel makes a special kind of thing called Pep. Yoye starts eating papa with durba grass. This food helps him to digest solid foods. Seven months later Yoy falls out of the pouch. This time there is no obstacle for him to eat green leaves. They usually eat the soft green leaves of eucalyptus. He came back to his mother to get the service. Thus, after one year, he became self-reliant.

Unknown information about coal

 * The scientific name of the quail is Phascolarctos Cinercus.

 * The word koela probably comes from the Australian Aboriginals (Indigenous) which means No Drink, although the Koila drinks water when needed.

 * Coalas and other sarsupials live in Australia and the surrounding islands.

* Koelas live in bamboo forests, everyone has their own house here.

 * Coal is currently found only in Eastern Australia. The southern coyotes weigh 20 to 30 pounds and the northern ones 13 to 16 pounds.

 * The body of the quail is covered with thick gray fur. The side of the chest, the underside of the hand and a small part of the ear are covered with white fur.

* They have big hairy ears and leathery nose.

 * The thick fur of the quails protects them from hot and cold hands. It also acts as a raincoat during the rainy season.

 * They usually eat eucalyptus leaves. However, they do not eat all types of eucalyptus. Coal from different areas eats different eucalyptus.

 * Quails sleep and rest for about 18 hours a day.

 * Four-fifths of coal is extinct. 


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