The loveable animal Unknown Information about Panda

The loveable animal Unknown Information about Panda

The creator has created the pandas with a sense of nobility and politeness. They seem to be quite lazy. Someone will come and feed them. There is always a sleepy feeling in the eyes. Maybe at one time they had zamindari; Today they have lost everything and are on the verge of extinction. But the idea seems to be like that.

However, they now live in the Chinese bamboo forest, which is located in the southwestern part of China and is surrounded by mountains. Earlier they roamed in other parts of the world but now their number will be only one thousand. About ninety-five percent of them live in China.

These pandas with black and white spots are said to be closely related to bears. The panda eats nothing but bamboo leaves and twigs. Although they occasionally eat vegetables, fish or other small animals, bamboo accounts for ninety-nine percent of their diet. Pandas eat very fast, eat a lot and spend about 12 hours a day in this. This is because only five percent of the food they eat is digested. Again, bamboo is not a very nutritious food. However, the most valuable part of the bamboo plant is its leaves and young twigs. The panda therefore pays more attention to this aspect while eating. So they have to eat a lot to keep the body fit. In 12 hours, their body weight increases by 15 percent. So they eat fast.

Panda gum teeth are quite large and flat. Such a structure of teeth helps them to tear bamboo leaves, twigs or young stems. To bring the bamboo leaf to the mouth, they grab the stem with the front foot, then lower the leaf and actually tear it with the mouth.

There are many species of bamboo trees. At present a few types of bamboo grow in the panda habitat. Pandas need to have at least two species of bamboo at least where they live, otherwise they have to go hungry.

Pandas can easily move from one place to another in search of food in the mountains. But most of the mountain valleys are also becoming overcrowded. And pandas are very shy animals. They never even approach the edge of human habitation. As a result, the pandas now have to live within limited boundaries. People have now started cultivating trees on the slopes of the hills, so the habitat of pandas is getting smaller day by day.

Meanwhile, another new problem has arisen. When the bamboos in the panda habitat die naturally, they cannot go anywhere else in search of food. In this way they have to be very hungry. Many pandas also died during this time.

It is amazing to think, there are only a thousand pandas in the world - we do not want to let them live properly. The Chinese government and other wildlife conservation agencies, however, have taken steps to protect the pandas. Scientists are also conducting research to find new sources of their food. But one thing is for sure, we will never want them to disappear from the face of the earth.

Unknown information about Pada

* Panda Chinese name is Daxiongmao which means big bear-cat.

* Panda scientific name is Ailuropoda Melanoleuca.

* Mother panda takes care of cubs till the age of four months, they stay with mother till they can get their own food (up to about 1 year old).

* The newborn panda weighs three to four ounces (85 to one hundred and thirteen grams) which is one hundredth of its mother weight.

* Large pandas weigh 165 to 300 pounds (75 to 136 kilograms).

* There are currently about a thousand pandas around the world. Of these, 127 are in captivity. These are found in zoos in China, America, Mexico, Japan, Germany and North Korea.


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