5 incredible facts about airplanes

5 incredible facts about airplanes

Floating in the skies of airplanes has reached today stage as a result of day after day research. Airplanes can do things that are incredible. Let us find out 5 amazing facts about airplanes.

The aircraft is lightning resistant

Aircraft are safe from lightning. Each plane is struck by lightning once every hour of flight. Even after that the planes are not damaged.

There are no safe seats on the plane

There is no fixed seat on the plane where there will be no damage during the crash. The rate of destruction of the front and middle seats of the wrecked plane is almost the same in both cases.

The plane tires are capable of carrying a few tons of load

The tires of the plane are made in such a way that they do not crack during landing. The tires are capable of carrying loads of up to 40 tons, and the wheels hit the ground at speeds of about 160 miles per hour.

The plane has two engines

Planes have two engines because it increases the range of the plane. But the plane can run well with an engine. A Boeing can travel long distances even if both engines malfunction while in motion, which is sufficient for an emergency safe landing.

The oxygen backup time of the aircraft is 15 minutes

The plane is maintained normally with artificial oxygen. If this system leaks then it takes oxygen mask but its backup is only 15 minutes. This is when the plane descends to an altitude of about 10,000 feet.


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