How do you know there is a Hidden Camera in the House

How do you know there is a Hidden Camera in the House

Many people go to the store with a trial of clothes to see if it is the right size for shopping. And some perverted brain type people are taking advantage of this opportunity.

Whether it is a trial room or a hotel room, even in the bathroom, video is being captured on a hidden camera. This is how women are subjected to various forms of harassment. An hidden camera in a hotel or dressing room is an example of how technology can be used to do dishonest things.

If you observe well, you will be able to catch these hidden camera tricks. No matter how small the hidden camera is, no matter where you are. Check out the tricks below:

1. First check if there is a hidden camera around

2. Check for hidden cameras on furniture or door handles

3. Take a look at the photo frames on the wall

4. Check the lampshade a little

5. Be aware of wall clocks.

6. Observe the inside while going to the toilet.

7. There may be a hidden camera behind the shower face or mirror.

The camera needs to work visibility and network. For this reason it is common to have a hidden camera near a switch or light fixture. Here are some more ways to find a camera:

-A simple way to find the camera is to throw light in the dark. No matter how small the camera is, it has a lens. And when light falls on the lens, a blue reflection is created.

- Camera search app detects camera network.

- There may be a problem with the phone network. If you see such a problem, you need to be careful. This is because the camera optical cable can cause such problems.

- If you go to the trial room or bathroom, take a good look in the mirror of the room. Try to keep your finger in the glass if you notice that there is a difference between the reflection of the finger in the glass and the reflection of the finger seen in the mirror. Someone may have hidden the camera behind the mirror.

- Enter the trial room and turn off all the lights. Look around to see if there are any points of light in the room. If you see it, you will understand whether the camera is hidden there.

- If interference occurs when the signal is transmitted by entering the trial room, then it should be understood that there is a hidden camera for which the network does not work.


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