Health Benefits of Eating Kachki (Corica) Fish

Health Benefits of Eating Kachki (Corica) Fish

Kachki (Corica) Fish  

There are many benefits of Kachki Fish.Kachki Fishis very popular. It goes without saying that there is no health risk as a result of eating Kachki Fish regularly. Eating Kachki Fish with thorns and chewing it gives enough calcium. Kachki Fish should be included in the regular diet. Learn about the benefits and nutritional value of Kachki Fish-


Kachki Fish is incredibly rich in nutrients. Kachki Fish contains calcium, protein and vitamin A, iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, vitamin B-3 and vitamin D.

Regularly eating Kachki Fish will fill your body nutritional deficiencies.

Cures Heart Disease

The unsaturated fat of Kachki Fish can protect against various complex and risky diseases including heart disease. Eating Kachki Fish is able to control your blood pressure and completely.

Keeps Bones well

Kachki Fish contains a lot of calcium which is needed to strengthen your body rate. Eating Kachki Fish with thorns is one of the unique components of calcium in your body. Eating Kachki Fish is your body daily requirement of calcium.

To prevent Night Blindness

Kachki Fish contains vitamin A. Kachki Fish is very useful for young children. Kachki Fish contains a lot of vitamin A which is able to eliminate night blindness, blindness and many other physical problems. Feed Kachki Fish to children to prevent night blindness. Kachki Fish is also needed for eyesight.

Helps to control Blood Pressure

Kachki Fish will help reduce high blood pressure. For those who have high blood pressure, eating Kachki Fish is one way to reduce their blood pressure. So keep Kachki Fish on the food list to control blood pressure.

Controls Diabetes

The mineral content of Kachki Fish is very important for diabetics. Kachki Fish is beneficial for diabetics. So put Kachki Fish on your food list.

It is better for kidney patients to eat less of this fish as it contains more phosphorus. And because it ontains more uric acid, it is better for arthritis patients to eat less.

Kachki Fish dry benefits and nutritional value

There is a demand for dried Kachki Fish because this dried fish is very interesting. I came to know about the nutritional value of Kachki dried. 

Kachki Fish Dry Benefits and Nutrition:

Minerals, calcium, carbs, fats, carbohydrates, vitamin C, iron, energy.

Kachki Fish Dry Benefits:

Dried Kachki Fish contains a lot of calcium. The human body needs a lot of calcium every day, this is collected with dried fish.

Kachki Fish cooking method

Kachki Fish are more likely to be infected with germs due to their high protein and aqueous content, so they should be cooked quickly in fresh condition to maintain their nutritional value. Cook Kachki Fish on low heat.

How to cook Kachki Fish

Materials required:

200 grams of Kachki Fish

1 cup chopped onion

Cut green chillies into 5 slices

1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder

1/3 teaspoon of chilli powder.

The amount of oil

Salt to taste


Choose Kachki Fish.

Then rinse well with water and leave.

Spread all the ingredients together, including the fish.

Then cook on medium heat with adequate amount of water.

When the fish is mixed, lower it with green chillies and serve.

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