Interesting information about Melbourne

Interesting information about Melbourne

Lets start with some clever and fun facts about Melbourne!

1) Melbourne is the coastal capital of the state of Victoria in southeastern Australia.

Area: 9,992 km

Population: 5.08 million

On April 10, 1836, Governor Richard Burke decided to name the settlement after the then British Prime Minister William Lamb, also known as Lord Melbourne.

2) Melbournes climate is continental. In fact, it is very similar to continental Europe. The climate in Melbourne is known to be very variable. You can feel 4 seasons in one day. This phenomenon is quite common. It happens almost every day! You might go out in the morning wearing shorts and a T-shirt, a raincoat by 11 a.m., a light jacket by 2 p.m., and a large coat by 4 p.m. The key to coping with Melbourne changing weather is that carrying an umbrella in your handbag can also be a good idea.

3) Melbournes main roads are 99 feet wide. The City of Melbourne grid was designed by Robert Huddle. He wanted to make sure the 18-horse carriage could make a U-turn!

4) Melbournes Chinatown Located on Little Bork Street, the oldest Chinatown in the Southern Hemisphere, Melbournes Chinatown was founded during the Gold Rush. At this time in history, more than 40,000 people came from China. It is now known as the oldest Chinatown in the Southern Hemisphere and the longest uninhabited Chinese settlement in the Western world.

5) You will find lots of amazing cafes in Melbourne. As mentioned earlier, coffee is big in Melbourne. Coffee has different names in Melbourne. Heres another Melbourne coffee fact for you.

6) The worlds first feature film was made in Melbourne. A feature film is a film that is long enough to be considered a full-length film. This means it can completely fill a program. The 60-minute film premiered on December 26, 1908 at the Athenaeum Theater in Melbourne.

7) Melbourne is the first city outside of Europe and North America to host the Olympic Games. Melbourne hosted the 1958 Summer Olympics. At the time, less than 15 countries had the privilege of hosting famous games, and they were all in Europe or North America.

8) Melbournes tram system is the largest in the world. It is home to the largest tram system in the world! There is a track of 250 km! Also, Melbourne trams will soon be solar-powered which is pretty great.

9) Australias first traffic light is installed in Melbourne. The first electric traffic lights in Australia were installed in 1926 at the corner of Collins and Swanston Streets. Sydney only started getting them in 1933.


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