17 Interesting Facts About London

17 Interesting Facts About London

London is an amazing city. Foreign tourists, students and permanent residents visit London every year.

The capitals of London, England and the United Kingdom.

Area: 1,572 km

Height: 11 m

Population: 8.982 million

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1. Big Ben is not the name of the iconic tower in London. The name of the clock in the Big Ben Tower. The locals refer to this place as the Big Ben Tower. The tower is located at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London. Before, the pinnacle was known as the Clock Tower.

2. London is part of a small urban area in England. The city of London covers just 1.2 square miles and has a population of about 7,500. For example, the city of London is actually the smallest city in England. Greater London, on the other hand, is an English territory, covering 706 square miles of surrounding cities and a population of over 8.7 million.3. There are 170 museums in London. London is an important cultural and historical center and museums cannot be missed in this area. If you visit this wonderful city you will definitely lose a lot from your travels if you do not stop at one of them.  The National Gallery,the British Museum, the British Library, the Imperial War Museum and the Wallace Collection are only a couple of them.

4. London was first built by the Romans around 50 AD. The origin of the name also has a wonderful history. At the time of history, London had various names including Londonium, Ludenwick, Ludenberg. The most widely accepted version is that the name London comes from the old Celtic word "Landinus" which means to be brave.

5. London is the most billionaire in the world. More than 80 billionaires live in London, making it the worlds largest city of billionaires. In addition, London billionaires represent 80% of all billionaires living in the UK. In this respect, London lags behind big cities like New York, San Francisco, Moscow, Paris, etc.

6. More than half of the London Underground runs above ground. So it really should be called overground. Except we already have an overground. Ah well, I guess Ill keep calling it tube.

7. Most Londoners do not live in London. Walk the roads of London and the greater part of individuals around you will likely not be Londoners. Greater London has a population of just 8.5 million. However, the city receives more than 16 million visitors each year - a staggering number!

8. More than 300 languages ​​are spoken in London. At the top of our list of information about London is cultural diversity.As one of the most different urban areas on the world, London has more than 8 million occupants who altogether communicate in excess of 300 dialects, including Bengali,Cantonese,  Gujarati, Punjabi, Mandarin,

9. The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace. Although she had many other royal residences, the queen occasionally stayed at Buckingham Palace. When he is at home, you will see his royal flag flying. This flag, called the Royal Standard, should only be flown from the building where the Queen will be present.

10. There are more than 170 museums in London. As well as speaking 300 languages ​​in London, the amount of museums in the capital adds to the culture of this city. There are in excess of 170 exhibition halls, going from the immense British Museum in London, London most well known vacation spot to the little Fan Museum in Greenwich.

11. The Shard is the tallest building in London and has 11,000 glass panels. The Shard, though beautiful, is bright and warm if you work or live inside.

12. The name "London" is ancient. You already know that London was initially developed by the Romans. This was our first experience of London. But when they call the city "Landinium", you have to wonder where they got the word from? Historians have reconstructed its old Celtic name (which the Romans adapted) to something like the Londoners.

13. London is perhaps the greenest city on the world. Mashpi Lodge - Life Center - Butterflies This is the best information about London. According to the London Natural History Society, it is defined as a forest with more than 40% green space and open water, 2,000 species of flowering plants, 120 species of Thames fish, 60 species of birds nesting in central London, as well as 47 species of butterflies, 270 species of spiders. Can go

14. The food scene in London is amazing. Meet food from around the world that is served everywhere, from foodies to high quality delicacies.

15. In London, two types of public transport are popular: bus and metro. In 2011, a car rally was held. Its distance was 486 million kilometers. This image is 12,000 times larger than the Earths circumference. London buses also take part in the race. Regular bus travel is not cheap for Londoners, so a special payment card has recently been introduced. This card is known as Oyster. With it you can pay for bus and boat trips. To do this, you just need to attach a card to a special device and the money will be stuck in the tariff which is half of the amount of cash. Metro is a completely different picture. The cost of travel is directly related to their range.

16. Bizarre information about London, which still works there. Such death penalty is prohibited in Parliament. Another interesting fact: a taxi driver in London who got a job had to take a special course for three years!

17. Heathrow Airport is the busiest in the world. In London, it operates in the presence of regions where the worlds oldest subway, the only train that runs without a branch driver.

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