16 Interesting Fact About Bangkok

16 Interesting Fact About Bangkok

16 Bangkok Information: Information about everyones favoriteThai capital

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a large city known forits temples and streets.

Area: 1,569 km

Height: 1.5 meters

Its always fun to learn some interesting, weird facts aboutthe city youre traveling in - they enrich your knowledge of the place and caneven give you a valuable insight into the local culture. In a vibrant city likeBangkok there are several interesting facts to keep you interested.

Here are the top 12 facts about Bangkok:

1. The name of the longest city in the world is Bangkok. TheThai capital of the world is known as Bangkok, but locals refer to their cityas Krungthep or City of Angels.

2. Bangkok is home to the Red Bull. The world-famous energydrink Red Bull was created in 1976 in Bangkok by Chaleo Yoovidya.

3. All temples of Thai baht currency are located in Bangkok.Bangkok has the biggest Chinatown with the biggest strong gold Buddha sculpture.

4. Chinatown in Bangkok is the biggest on the world, home tomore than 1,000,000 individuals of Chinese plunge.  Locally known as Yaorat, the crossingsalleyways and bylanes are transformed into a buzzing street food center atnight and an affordable shopping center during the day.

5. The largest solid gold Buddha statue in Bangkok. BangkoksWatt Tram has the worlds largest gold Buddha statue. Toward the finish ofYaowarat Road, close to Hua Lamphong Railway Station, is the sanctuary of WatTraimit where the worlds biggest brilliant Buddha is found. The statue isofficially named Fra Futta Maha Suwana Patimakon and weighs about five and ahalf tons.

6. Bangkok is known as the Venice of the East. The BangkokCanal and the huge Chao Phraya River that flows through it are overcrowded.Like Venice, Bangkok is a city built on dozens of canals and stands onbuildings. Most of these canals are now paved, but the nickname is stuck.Another, less-cheerful analogy, however, is the sinking of Bangkok. Because ofrising ocean levels and enormous turn of events, Bangkok is sinking at a paceof 2 - 2.5 cm each year. Within decades, parts of Bangkok could sink.

7. Bangkok is considered to be the warmest city in theworld. Bangkok is the warmest city in the world with high temperatures all yearround. Between May and March, temperatures can rise to 34 degrees Celsius, withan annual average of 28 degrees. November and February are the coldest months.

8. Banks have colorful coded taxis. Bangkok is famous forits colorful cabs which refer to different companies. An interesting fact aboutBangkok is its fun colored taxis, bright pink, orange yellow-green and red-bluecolors roaming the streets. These refer only to different companies and do notdiffer too much in terms of features or rent. Yellow-greens signalowner-drivers, and if you chat with a local, they have a theory that worksbest. Beware of those who refuse to go to the meter.

9. Chatukchak Weekend Market Bank is a place of interest.Arranged on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, it is the greatest and most unique market onthe world with a surprising 15,000 stalls parceled into 27 regions. All sorts of objects are found here, and itseasy to get lost in the crowds of 200,000 - 300,000 visitors every day.

10. Banks account for about one-third of the countrysbanking units, with three-quarters of all deposits. The city is also home tothe Thai Industrial Finance Corporation, the Board of Investment and the ThaiSecurities Exchange.

11. Bank has most of the hospitals and clinics in thecountry. Special services are provided for patients with tuberculosis andsexually transmitted diseases, and there are government houses for thehelpless, the disabled and the elderly. The Pasteur Institute and the WHOprovide vaccines. Family planning clinics have expanded in recent years In the1990s, the incidence of AIDS among prostitutes and drug users in Bangkokincreased. The government has set up special wards in hospitals for thetreatment of patients with the disease and has taken other measures to preventthe spread of HIV infection.

12. Due to the high proportion of school-age citizens,Bangkoks educational facilities mean extra. There are very few schools, and thequality of education varies. Literacy is extremely high. Private primary andsecondary schools run by foreign religious missions train upper class children.There are numerous private Chinese grade schools and night schools. Most primary schools are in Thai, however some uniqueprojects are in English and Chinese. There are several universities in the city. Wat Pho, aconventional focal point of learning, is frequently viewed as the citys firstcollege; It is one of the most established and biggest sanctuaries in Bangkok.

13. All the daily newspapers of the country and most of itsweekly and monthly are published from Bangkok. Newspapers are printed in Thai,English and Chinese. Radio and television are regulated by government agenciesand the military. A large portion of the nations radio broadcasts and all itsTV channels are situated in or close to Bangkok. Most projects are in Thai, yetsome projects are in English and Chinese. Motion pictures are extremelypopular. There is a rich Thai movie industry, but movies are also imported.

14. Bangkok has 50 districts. One more intriguing realityabout Bangkok is its property size and design, which comprises of an aggregateof 50 areas. 35 of these areas are situated on the east bank of the Chao PhrayaRiver, and the leftover 15 are situated on the west side.

15. It was in the past the Venice of the East.Bangkok is acity based nearby an organization of waterways like Venice. So, before cityplanners began building roads on and around the canal network, Bangkok wasknown as East Venice.

16. It is one of the largest china towns in the world. Often mistakenly regarded as the largest in the world(Manhattan in New York statistically, obviously cleans it up), Chinatown inBangkok is still impressive, and famous for a variety of reasons, and not forall its cuisine. Yawwarat is the most famous and visited area in Chinatown,Bangkok, which is a haven for locals and tourists alike and for street food.


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