21 Interesting Facts About Istanbul

21 Interesting Facts About Istanbul

21 Your unknown information about Istanbul that you probably do not know

Istanbul is a city in Turkey

Istanbul is famous and tourist city in Turkey which wide across Europe and Asia.

Area: 5,343 km

Population: 15.52 million

Muslim: 99 percent

Language: Turkish

Distance from Ankara: 448 km

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. Istanbul receives more than 39 million tourists each year. Istanbul is a city that has captured the attention and heart of many tourists. The heart of the city of Istanbul is breathtaking and breathtaking. Do you want to go to this gorgeous city? Here are 21 interesting facts that will help you get to your Istanbul tour.

Here, assembled some interesting fact about Istanbul, which fascinating.

 1.One piece of Istanbul is situated in Europe and the other part is situated in Asia, Istanbul is the main intercontinental city on the world. With a populace of 15.52 million, it is the biggest city in Europe.

2. The Grand Market is the most seasoned market on the world, which situated in Europe and Asia. The market has been operating since 1461, with over 5000 markets there are stalls, which exist on 60 streets and attract about 250,000 to 400,000 visitors every day!

3. Built in 1875, the subway station was built in the city of Istanbul. It is the third most underground in the world. The underground railway is situated in Beyoglu region, which is around 573 meters in length.

4. Istanbul is not the modern capital of Turkey. Istanbul is the capital of three ancient empires - the Ottoman, Roman and Byzantine - in its thousand-year history.

5. The origin of the tulip is in Istanbul. The tulip is a well known symbol of Netherlands. Starting in Istanbul, tulips were first delivered to the Netherlands in the second 50% of the fifteenth century. The tulip, the Dutch icon, originated in Istanbul and was shipped from Istanbul to the Netherlands.

6. Istanbul is the only pan-continental city in the world located on two continents, Europe and Asia. More than 1,500 public washroom were known to exist during the Ottoman Empire. Albeit not the capital, Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey.

7. Istanbul is home to the largest number of mosques in Turkey. There are about 3,113 mosques in the city of Istanbul, including the historic mosques Sultanahmet and Sulaymaniyah. Sultanahmet where most of Istanbul historical sites are located.

8. Istanbul is the only city in the world that covers two continents: Asia and Europe.

9. Istanbul is a city surrounded by the sea. Snowfall in the city is normal, with an annual average of 18 inches.

10. Most retailers in Istanbul are good at checking and re-checking the quantity of products. You should be aware again to show the exact amount.

11. The city of Istanbul has many historically famous seafood restaurants. There are about 50 fish restaurants around the Marmara Sea, and many of the towns restaurants are on the shores of the Bosphorus.

12. Istanbul Most people are friendly and honest. The people of Istanbul are not very good at English. So if you are a visitor to Istanbul, it is best to use the written address of your destination wherever you want to go.

13. If you want to visit Istanbul, the best time to visit is in late spring or early autumn. Because then the environment and weather are pleasant for walking. Then the crowd of people is less, and less crowd means you save a lot of time.

14. In the past Istanbul had various names, including Constantinople, Zarigrad Byzantium and Stambul.

15. Istanbul has the most visitors - Italy, Germany, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, Iran and the Netherlands.

16. During the Ottoman Empire, there were 1400 public toilets around the city while none in the rest of Europe.

17. The voter turnout is the highest in Europe. Turks are citizens who think about the future of their country. The Turkish people showed their interest in political life and their level of involvement in the future of the country. People politics is at the center of all discussions.

18. Istanbul There are many billionaires in the world. Billionaires are the eighth largest city in the world. Istanbul has 28 billionaires, just before Paris in the 9th position. During your stay, you will see the prosperity of a part of the population, especially when you see the buildings on the shores of the Bosphorus.

19. It is not surprising that the people of Istanbul have a sophisticated iPhone in the hands of a taxi driver and restaurant customers. Because young people like social networks very much. More than 50% of the population spends an average of about three hours a day using social networks. Istanbul is the 6th country in the world with the most Facebook accounts. Uses internet for an average of 7:15 hours per day and uses social media for an average of 2:46 hours per day.

20. Istanbul is a dream city for people all over the world. This is not just a city but a standing history. At one time this city of Istanbul was the capital of Turkey. But after World War I, the capital was almost moved to Ankara after being besieged by the enemy, so the importance of the ancient capital, Istanbul, cannot be underestimated. Istanbul was once the capital of the Ottoman Empire in Byzantine and later in the world. Istanbul contains the holy tombs of the influential Companions Abu Ayyub Ansari and many others, and the main shrine of Stan Orthodox Christians, the Hagia Sophia, is not the same as the other Hagia Sophia Sud shrine of beauty, but stands as a symbol of Byzantine mythology. Today, the antiquities of Istanbul, Hagia Sophia, occupy the leading position in the field of architecture.

21.The city of Istanbul is one of the most interesting places not only in Turkey but also in Asia. And the attraction of Istanbul is the Bosphorus Bridge. This is because the Bosphorus drinking line connects Asia and Europe.

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