How can I get my Makeup to stay on all Night?

How can I get my Makeup to stay on all Night?

Party Makeup will stay up all night

Almost everyone comes to the party with the question of cosmetics, at the same time if you do not maintain the party atmosphere, everyone will feel annoyed. Proper make-up with clothes can draw everyone attention to you, so if you want to be eye-catching at a party, pay attention to cosmetics and its proper application.

You need to understand the place-time-pot and mood of the party. However, the basic lesson of each make-up is the same. It should be washed very well so that oil and dust do not stick to the skin.


Hydrate the skin once with a moisturizer Understand your skin type and choose a moisturizer.

The beginning primer of make-up can be called the foundation of make-up. In addition to the perfect look, the primer determines how long the makeup will last To get the best results, apply a makeup sponge or finger primer, however, make sure that the layer of primer is not light and thick.

You can try a glossy look for a winter matte look at the party but always use trendy matte make-up to cover skin imperfections and highlight the normal look, first use a primer and then a matte foundation for a matte look.

Winter party means cherry lipstick - many of us take it for granted but you can experiment. Wear red or green eyeshadow with eyeliner and put some chic blush in it.


First clean the face well and apply face wash.

Choose a light color foundation your skin. foundation helps to cover dark spots on the face. Makes the face shiny and bright. Apply concealer on the black spots under the eyes and on the sides of the nose and blend well. Be sure to give a compact powder to set the foundation and concealer well on the face. Apply the powder all over the face with a brush or sponge. This will brighten the look of makeup.  Now apply draw line the lips with a lip liner pencil. Choose black mascara to make the eyes look attractive in party makeup. Now apply mascara on the upper and lower eyelids. You can also spread blush on mascara if you want. Eyeshadow does not want to sit on the eyelids to get oily. So apply primer first. You can apply white eyeshadow under the eyebrows. Will show quite a highlight. Pull lightly with kajal on the lower eyelid. It is better not to apply Kajal thickly in the corner of the eye. Kajal will not spread if powder is applied on the lower eyelids. Can highlight eyebrows lightly. Blend well over eyebrows with a little eye shadow with a thin brush.

Now you are ready for the day party. This type of makeup is suitable not only for the party of the day, but also for any occasion of the day.

After fixing the make-up, spray the setting at the end of the day. As a result, there is no fear of going to the make-up.


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