The Role of Moisturizer in Skin Care

The Role of Moisturizer in Skin Care

Moisturizer for the Skin

To shed light on the role of moisturizers in skin care, first of all, there are various names known in the cosmetics industry for the use of different lotions and creams. Such as- Lubricants, Moisturizer, Replenishing etc. All of these words have no scientific meaning. Since it is unclear whether moisturizing dry skin or normalizing damaged skin. The point is, lubricants are cosmetics that can increase the smoothness of the skin, especially when it comes to dry, rough, and dead skin cells.

Moisturizer moisturizes the skin and softens the skin. Replenishing creams are used to change the wrinkles of the skin. The main purpose of using emollients is to relieve the harmful effects of sunlight and dry skin damaged due to age. Due to the removal of water from the outer lining of the skin, it becomes dry. The amount of water in this layer of skin should be over 10% for the skin to look and feel normal. As water evaporates through the skin, water comes from the lower layers of the skin and fills the lack of water on the surface of the skin. So the skin needs to have the ability to retain moisture in the skin - otherwise the skin will become rough, dry and dead cells. There are four types of ingredients used to moisturize the skin.

(1) Occlusive Oil: This type of oil can be used to prevent water leakage from the skin.

(2) Humactant: By drawing water from the surrounding weather or by collecting water from many inner layers of the skin.

(3) By using only water emission prevention substances.

(4) By using sunscreen to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, sunscreen has the ability to retain water on the skin.

Occlusive Oil: (1) Hydrogen oil and wax such as Vaseline, Mineral Oil, Parapin.

(2) Vegetable oils and animal fats.

(3) Fatty acids.

(4) Cholesterol etc.

Humactant: It contains glycerin, sorbitol, propylene glycol, gelatin, vitamins, some proteins etc.

Sunscreen: PABA is very popular but some sunblocks like zinc oxide or titanium oxide are used for its adverse effects.

Facials: Facial moisturizers and related cosmetics are currently the most widely used cosmetic products. There are two main formulas. One type of formula is called oil in water emulsion, in which water is the main ingredient. Oil in water formula is used during the day to moisturize the skin, especially the face. And water in oil formula is used as night cream and replacement cream. Now how do you understand oil in water emulsion? These can be recognized by the cold feeling and lack of brightness during use. On the other hand, when using water in oil emulsion, you can see the light warm feeling and brightness. Moisturizers used during the day contain mineral oil, propylene glycol and enough water to make lotions. Night cream contains mineral oil, lanolin, Vaseline and creams.

Special ice cream is a type of night cream, but it excludes some stimulants. Perfumes, oils, vitamins, proteins or amino acids and other moisturizers are added to differentiate between different cosmetic products.

Facial moisturizers are made according to the skin type. For oily skin, an oil-free or mild oily moisturizer is made. And for dry skin, more oil is added to the moisturizer. Milder oils include mineral oil and higher doses of Vaseline. So moisturizing substances are made to suit all skin types by varying the oil and water levels.

Some Misconceptions About Sunscreen and Moisturizer: Using significant sunscreens with moisturizing ingredients, wrinkle-proof lotions, protective creams, spot creams, etc. are being used under different names. The most popular of these sunscreens, which have been used in cosmetics, is Cinemate. On the other hand, with full moisturizer, various substances such as protein, amino acids, collagen, keratin, etc. are being used to treat damaged skin.

Vitamins are also added to face cream. Notable among them is panthonic acid or vitamin B complex. But vitamin E is also used in many creams. Sometimes other vitamins are used like vitamins A, D, C etc. However, oral vitamins are more beneficial to eat than to apply locally. Especially those who are deficient in vitamins. There is no scientific significance to the use of marine weeds. These are only widely advertised in cosmetics and are published in various magazines and journals.

The patient or user should understand that there is no real skin moisturizer. Creams or lotions that are supposed to protect cells and tissues and regenerate damaged skin components are of no use as they cannot penetrate the skin. There is no point in buying and using a lot of expensive moisturizers. Users are truly getting the scent, feel and feel just by spending money. But if the user himself uses the right moisturizer according to his skin type, then it is different. Most of the company moisturizing cosmetics are clearly written for oily skin or for normal skin, etc. In addition, the methods mentioned earlier, which are used for daily skin care, include conditioning or nourishing - including a variety of hand and body lotion creams, etc. Cleansing the skin by using them and softening the damaged skin in wet weather and nature. It is claimed to keep you fresh and alive. It is also said to provide nutrition to the skin. In reality, however, these are worthless.


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