How to take care of the Skin at Night?

How to take care of the Skin at Night?

Night skin care

Beauty-conscious men and women all spend some time at night, though not during the day. There are many reasons for beauty at night, but there are also benefits, although for many it has become routine. But many of them do not know. The secret of nocturnal beauty. Many girls clean their face before going to bed at night, apply cream and then go to bed. The only purpose is to get rid of the accumulated dirt and makeup used during the day.

In our polluted environment, the skin can be damaged if it accumulates in the skin after walking all day. If the dirt is not cleaned, the pores of the skin will be closed and the normal functioning of the pores of the skin will be disrupted. This can lead to various skin problems including acne. On the other hand, in addition to the sun, daylight also causes considerable damage to the skin. And at night that possibility is less. So no matter what cosmetics are used at night, its effect on the skin can be long lasting. Works well because the body metabolism is low during sleep. The skin is also good at this time. As a result of long 7/8 hours of sleep, the effectiveness of the used cosmetics is also long lasting. So there is a real need to clean the skin at night. However, the skin should be cleaned twice a day. The beauty of the night will be more effective.

Night beauty: Before going to bed at night, you must clean the makeup used during the day or night and then go to sleep. It is seen in many people that they go home at night after any event or invitation and go to bed with makeup on. But it is not right. Because it can cause severe damage to the skin. The skin under the cover of makeup can breathe normally. So at night you should clean your hands, feet, face etc. and apply makeup. Clean the accumulated sweat, dust and dirt during the day and then apply makeup. Whenever you apply makeup, clean your face or take off your makeup and then go to sleep. If you do not want to damage the skin, remove the makeup, apply dry cleansing milk on the face and then wipe with a wet cotton or tissue. Carefully wipe around the eyes. For those who have dry skin, no matter what cream they use at night, make sure that it is in large quantities. On the other hand, those who have oily skin will use water-based cleansing lotion if they want to apply makeup. Leave the cleanser on for half a minute / one minute and use a regular moisturizer for the skin. Because this moisturizer used throughout the day is lost from the skin. So you have to apply moisturizer at night, otherwise wrinkles may appear on the skin. Cleanser lotions / creams are available on the market for dry skin, oily skin, etc. You can use it by looking at the text. Nocturnal makeup depends on a number of factors, including type, age, weather, weather, humidity, and so on. Soap for the face is not always good. If you want to use soap, you can use superfatted soaps like Baby, Nivea, Dove. You can also use soap-free soap-free wash. At night you can use night cream, lemon cream. However, those who have acne problems will use night cream at all ages. You can also use creams that nourish the skin.

# You can also use collagen, ilaptin cream at night.

# Using creams that contain liposomes may nourish the skin. Vitamin E cream can also be used at night, it is also quite beneficial. When massaging with the cream, use your fingers around the face and from the outside to the inside. Special care should be taken in areas where wrinkles may appear, such as the forehead, neck, etc. Never rub the cream around the eyes and face, as it can cause skin tightness. Never use any cream on oily skin. In all these cases you can use moisturizer lotion.

# Rose water is very useful for maintaining the tightness of the skin. You can apply it on the face and neck at night with cotton or tissue in any season. In the use of cleansing milk I have discussed before:

# Dirt on the skin will be clean. Outdoor sunburn will be reduced.

# You can wash your feet well before going to bed at night and massage glycerin.

# You can also take a bath at night if you are not prone to cold, flu or allergies. Before going to bed at night, the hair is well tied, the face is cleansed, the hands and feet are washed, and the brushing of the teeth is followed by the feeling of restlessness. Always wash your face and skin with lukewarm water. This is because hot water can ruin the smoothness of the outer surface of the skin. On the other hand, cold water can increase the oiliness of the skin. So use lukewarm water. Never rub the skin with water. Gently press and delete. This will dry out the water.

 # Must use lip cream at night.

 # Many people have the habit of using hair oil at night. There is no added benefit.

 # No special care is required to take care of the skin under the eyes.


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