What foods contain vitamin A

What foods contain vitamin A

Vitamin A is found in many foods

Vitamin A

The role of vitamins is most important for healthy skin. It also helps in replenishing, building and growing the body. Maintains the body fertility and builds resistance to cold. Lack of vitamin A can cause various problems in the skin, on the other hand, due to excess vitamin A can also cause various problems in the skin. Vitamin A deficiency in the body is not only due to inadequate food intake, but also in many cases due to loss of appetite or fancy foods or excessive drinking, lack of digestion of food, due to digestive diseases or poor absorption of food etc. May be observed. Sometimes the body needs extra vitamins again. Especially due to being old and ill for a long time. In addition, the presence of various types of worms or parasites in the stomach and vitamin deficiency can occur. So the lack of vitamins that can only be seen in the case of the poor is not true in reality. If there is ever a single vitamin deficiency, it is important to keep in mind that there may be other vitamin deficiencies as well. Therefore, in order to treat certain vitamin deficiency diseases, treatment should be done by identifying other vitamin deficiencies. Otherwise the patient will not get proper treatment and his condition may not improve.

What Vitamin A is found in foods: 

Eggs, milk, honey, cod liver oil, lamb, yogurt, ghee, butter, etc. in all kinds of fish and meat. In ripe papaya, mango, jackfruit, plum, cabbage, pumpkin, uchche, chichinga, cabbage, green chillies, spinach, kanchu, stalk, kalmishak, mint, coriander, sajna, lettuce etc. Moreover, some types of pulses also contain vitamin A. Plant foods do not actually contain vitamin A, but rather carotene in the form of substances that make up the body biological processes.

Lack of vitamins usually leads to dry and rough skin, loss of eyesight, difficulty in eyes in bright light and reduced immunity. Ferinoderma is a skin disease caused by a lack of vitamin A. This can lead to many specific damaged areas on the skin. Infected skin can usually have lotus cuts of various shapes, either on the legs, on the shoulders, and from the base of the hair follicles, extending around them.

These skin cuts first appear on the front and edges of the thighs and on the back and edges of the upper arm and then spread to both arms and legs.

These skin cuts first appear on the front and edges of the thighs and on the back and edges of the upper extremities and then spread to both arms and legs. It extends to the shoulders, back, and back, and finally to the back of the face and neck. The hands and feet are free from all this. Especially at the base of the hair follicle, the skin becomes dry, rough and thick and these spread like lotus cut from the base of the hair follicle. Although the face looks like acne, the skin of the face remains dry. 

For the treatment of this type of skin, 50,000 units of Vitamin A capsules should be started once in 15 consecutive days and continued for 2-3 months. As well as the need to use drugs for topical application. On the other hand, excessive use of vitamin A can also cause certain skin problems. These problems are seen in children. Problems are hair loss and roughness of the rest of the hair, eyebrows fall out, chapped lips and inflammation, dead skin cells all over the body start to grow. There may be discoloration of the skin throughout the body, along with extensive itching.

Excessive use of vitamin A in adults can lead to dry lips, loss of appetite and subsequent knee and bone pain, hardening of the hair follicles, tightening of the pores, drooping of the skin, dryness of the corners of the mouth and corners of the nose. Dry hair of the head as well as hair of the head and eyebrows. Breaking nails. The color of the face and neck turned black, looking a lot like mechta. Moreover there can be many more physical problems. However, the problems caused by taking extra vitamins are eliminated within a few days to a few weeks of avoiding vitamins.

In conclusion, just as vitamin A is essential for the health of the skin, so too can excess vitamin A be the cause of skin ailments. Therefore, vitamins should be used in a proper and moderate manner.


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