Benefits of Vitamin E and what foods contain Vitamin E

Benefits of Vitamin E and what foods contain Vitamin E

Benefits of Vitamin E: 

Vitamin E: Like other vitamins, the role of vitamin E is very important to stay beautiful and healthy for a long time. Vitamin E plays a significant role in aging, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and reproductive problems. Twenty-five years later, there was not much idea about vitamin E. But now Vitamin E has proven to be very effective in curing diseases.

Benefits of Vitamin E: Vitamin E is very effective in keeping skin and hair beautiful for a long time. It can keep the skin fresh for a long time by increasing the blood flow to the skin especially the facial skin. Reducing the erosion process of various diseases of the body can delay the effects of aging and aging in the body. Vitamin E can also reduce the risk of acne.

Applying Vitamin E on the burn wound skin can heal the wound faster. Because the skin can absorb vitamin E. Tightening the leg muscles at night can cure vitamin E problems. Vitamin E can help reduce the risk of kidney failure, blindness, etc. in people with diabetes.

* Vitamin E also has a role in weight loss.

* Vitamin E is quite effective in ischemic heart disease. With the use of Vitamin E, fatty substances like cholesterol do not accumulate in the blood vessels, so Vitamin E is able to get rid of the type of heart disease that can be caused by constricting the arteries.

* Efficacy of Vitamin E as an antioxidant is recognized worldwide. Antioxidants eliminate the side effects caused by certain reactions in our body. When the body begins to digest food to produce energy, the body reacts with oxygen molecules from the air to combine with food molecules, sugars and fat molecules. As a result, the body produces carbon dioxide, water and heat. When this process is disrupted, the oxygen taken from the air continues to work in other parts of the body without reacting with the food, resulting in the formation of free-radicals in the body. Anti-oxidant ingredients combine easily with free-radicals to block free radicals from entering the body.

When the elasticity of the skin in the body decreases or the skin gets old, it should be understood that the attack of free-radicals in the body is increasing. Moreover, free-radicals can increase the risk of skin cancer. In all these cases, Vitamin E has a good role as an anti-oxidant.

What foods contain Vitamin E:

Foods rich in vitamin E:

Foods rich in vitamin E are soybeans, vegetable oils, green vegetables, various types of nuts, wheat grains, eggs, etc. Vitamin E is usually stored in our body in liver cells, heart muscle, testicles, blood, adrenal glands, pituitary, etc.

Vitamin E is most needed in middle age and after menopause. For pregnant and expectant mothers who are taking birth control pills or other hormones before menstruation, those who are eating more oily foods, those who are recovering after surgery, those who are underweight. The daily requirement of healthy strong people is 15 to 20u i.e. 8-10 mg of vitamin E in food.


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