What Causes Stress in Daily Life?

What Causes Stress in Daily Life?

Stress and Hypertension

What causes stress in daily life?

There are many reasons for stress in our daily life. The imbalance between income and expenditure is a major cause of stress. The income stays the same ... but the will and the expenses increase - which leads to emotional dissatisfaction and stress.

All the members of the family start claiming their own benefits when they grow up. Demand for cars, computers, TVs, and mobile phones continues to grow. People have to borrow to meet these. People in the family become self-centered and the thought of doing something for each other ends in them. No one wants to listen to anyone. Everyone is shouting at each other. Pollution, traffic, law enforcement, theft, fraud, corruption and various types of taxes, sales tax and customs duty also cause stress. This stress gradually increases and at some point takes the form of hypertension.

What causes hypertension due to stress?

Stress, physical stress or emotional dissatisfaction cause the release of certain chemicals from our body, which is called catacolamine. When too much stress is caused, adrenaline is released. As a result, the arteries in the body constrict and blood pressure rises.

What exactly happens during stress?

The following changes occur in the body during stress:

-Increased heart rate

-Increased blood pressure

-Increase in blood sugar

-Gastritis, paralysis, stroke and heart disease can also occur, because stress raises blood cholesterol levels.

How to reduce stress?

Stress can be reduced in three ways:

-Don not let stress build up.

-If there is mental stress, try to get rid of it quickly.

-Fight stress yourself ... because it is caused by us. We can not say it is over with stress management, but we can reduce it. If the mental stress is reduced by 50%, the high blood pressure will also come down a lot.

We also need to train our own logical brains to gather information from the surroundings. The emotional brain also needs to be controlled ... because whenever something goes against us, this brain also raises the blood pressure by interfering with the body movements.

How can it be known that stress has increased speech?

There is a strong link between stress and hypertension. To find out if your blood pressure has risen due to stress, look at the readings above the blood pressure of the bogie. Lay the patient on the bed to check his blood pressure, or check his blood pressure at night after waking up in the morning. If the blood pressure is high at night, it increases due to stress.

How does yoga help reduce stress?

Yoga causes tension in all the muscles of the body and they become relaxed. Some yoga oils also relax the brain.

Yag has two parts - yam and niyama. These are especially helpful in stress management. People should make rules instead of yam. In addition to yoga, pranayama and meditation also reduce high blood pressure. Meditation reduces stress faster than taking medication for high blood pressure.

How is meditation helpful in reducing stress?

Perspective meditation is an influential form of meditation. In this way the pressure management of the body also happens at the same time. It is often done sitting on a comfortable coin.

What is Kayotsarga?

Kayotsarga is also a relaxation technique. This process of meditation is quite simple. Meditation is simple enough towards this. This causes confusion in the whole body. In this way your body gradually becomes relaxed.

Choose a room for kayotsarga where there is no shouting and the temperature is stable. Lie down and think that every part of your body is relaxing. Kayotsarga is especially beneficial for patients with stress and high blood pressure.

How to deal with stress?

Stress can be managed in three ways.

* Do not cause stress.

* Get rid of stress.

* Stress management.

Stress management depends on the cause of the stress and how to rest yourself. First of all, you have to understand a lot. There can be many similarities for the same thing ... if any person in this matter. If he does not argue with others, he will be free from stress.

The key to stress management is to get to the root of the problem. Communication and the exchange of judgments are also associated with stress because blood pressure rises because of the inability to speak one mind.

How do I know exactly how much stress I have?

There is no single measure of stress. By observing daily activities, it can be understood whether the person is suffering from stress or not.

For example, if a driver yells at others while driving, you can assume that he is under stress.

What is subconscious stress?

When a person has nightmares due to stress in his sleep, it is called subconscious stress.

How do I know if I am depressed?

The physical symptoms of depression can be as follows:

-The palms of the hands become sweaty.

-Fingers get cold.

-Dry mouth.

-Shaking hands

-Frequent urination.


-Voice changes



How much time should be given for meditation and kayotsarga?

Meditation or kayotsarga is extremely beneficial. It invites our imaginative brain. The psychic brain is the place of our thoughts, worries and jealousy ... so meditation and kayotsarga are less stressful. You must meditate for 10-15 minutes every day.

Can hypertension be treated by stress management?

Yes .. Stress management can handle almost 90% of cases of hypertension. Stress is the root cause of hypertension. We can also control high blood pressure by losing weight, quitting smoking, and reducing salt intake.

Many people live comfortably with normal blood pressure, but their blood pressure rises when there is a sudden conflict. Thus blood pressure can be controlled by the use of stress.


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