Cognitive Information about the Eastern European Country Ukraine

Cognitive Information about the Eastern European Country Ukraine

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. It is the second largest country in Europe after Russia, bordering the east and northeast. The capital of Ukraine is Kiev. Located on the banks of the river Dnipropetrovsk in north-central Ukraine. Ukraine covers an area of ​​603,548 km2 and the currency name is Ukrainian Hryvnia, the official language is Ukrainian. The population is about 44.13 million.

Ukraine is known for its beautifully diverse landscapes, preserved culture and traditions, beautiful women and a terrible nuclear catastrophe. In fact, Ukraine is the biggest country.

The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian, formerly Ruthenian, an East Slavic language of the Indo-European language family. Mother tongue of Ukrainians and official state language of Ukraine.

Ukraine is a beautiful place to live and a safe place for travelers. Popular destinations in the country like the capital Kyiv and the coastal city of Odessa are quiet and enjoyable. Areas affected by the war with Russia are located in the southeast of the country, far from the capital.

Ukraine, formerly known as the Ukrainian SSR (Soviet Socialist Republic), became a nation as part of the Soviet Socialist Republic or the USSR Union.

Ukraine religion is diverse, with the majority of the population practicing Christianity. The main religion of Ukraine, practiced by almost half the population, is Eastern Orthodoxy. Most followers belong to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kiev Patriarch, although the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow.

Ukraine, a developing country with a low-middle-income economy, ranks 74th in the Human Development Index.

The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian, an East Slavic language, the mother tongue of 67.5% of the Ukrainian population. Russian is the native language of 29.6% of the population of Ukraine and the rest (2.9%) are native speakers of other languages. Many Ukrainians do not speak English. One of the main reasons is that it is not an essential part of the school curriculum. Most Ukrainians speak Ukrainian, the official language, and fluent in Russian, the country second but unofficial language.

To live comfortably in Ukraine, total, average annual income $ 5000- $ 6000. If the person lives in a small town and has his own apartment, this may be enough. Otherwise, $600 per month is not enough to live comfortably.

The cost of an apartment in Ukraine is approximately 1,358 $ (40,854 ₴) rent for four families. The estimated monthly cost per single person is 7 397 (, 11,939) excluding rent.

Islam is a minority religious affiliation in Ukraine, representing Muslims, about 0.9% of the total population in 2016. Religion has a long history in Ukraine since its founding in the Crimean dynasty in the 15th century.

Ukraine is one of the best international destinations for students to study MBBS because it improves its medical education in line with global standards. There are many world class public medical universities in Ukraine that offer students from other countries to study at MBBS Medical University at affordable rates.

Favorite national dishes of Ukraine varenyky and holubtsi are also a common dish in the traditional Ukrainian restaurant of the Ukrainian people.

You do not need a visa to enter Ukraine for the purpose of travel for 90 days out of 180 days to visit Ukraine, but must be able to pay.

Ukraine has a rich cultural history and is characterized by good food, deep friendship and love for nature.

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