Interesting Facts About Russia

Interesting Facts About Russia

Russia is the world largest country by area, with an area of ​​17.1 million km2. The Russian capital is Moscow. Population: 144.1 million.

Facts About Russia

-There are more billionaires than anywhere else in the world.

-The 3rd busiest metro in the world.

-Russians have a lot of superstitions.

-Russian brides go on a city trip after the wedding.

-The world longest railway is located.

-Russia famous-Red Square, Matryoshka doll, Moscow metro system, progress in space.

-Popular food in Russia - Borscht, Pelmeni, Blini, Vareni, Sirniki.

-Russia climate-cold winters and short summers. Summer and winter temperatures have relatively low rainfall.

-Russians enjoy watching movies and going to museums and hanging out.

-Soccer, hockey and track and field, volleyball, skiing are very popular in Russia.

-Lots of museums in Russia.

-The old name of Russia is commonly known as the Soviet Union.

-Russia is a rich city. Russia economy ranks 6th in GD world.

-Russia The official language is Russian.

-Russia religion is Russian Orthodoxy. Significant minorities have followers of other religions.

-Russia is the world largest landlocked country - almost twice as big as Canada.


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