Ways to Remove the Impression of age in the Eyes

Ways to Remove the Impression of age in the Eyes

Everyone loves to see beautiful Kajal black eyes. Only beautiful attractive eyes are able to accurately express the beauty of the face. That is why there is a huge space in eye care and makeup / makeup. Proper eye makeup can make you attractive to others.

Special care should be taken about eye care and cosmetics. When cosmetics are not used properly or misused, they can often cause unwanted damage. Because the eyes are more sensitive than other parts of the body.

The first sign of age on the face is the presence of fine lines around the eyes. The smooth structure of the skin around the eyes is like a double-edged sword. Its skin elasticity protects our eyes. This protection occurs through the closing and opening membranes of the eyelids. But the collagen and elliptical fibers that help it are much thinner and finer than the other parts of the mouth and the number of oil glands is also less. With age, this skin becomes thinner and more sensitive. So the process of retaining moisture in this part is a little different in nature than other parts of the mouth.

First we are talking about crow feet: these are some narrow lines from any corner of the eye to the ear. The basement membrane zone below the skin layer, which supports and strengthens the epidermis in the upper layer of the skin, is damaged with age and exposure to the sun ultraviolet rays. The result is fine wrinkles. There are many cosmetics that can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Humidity can be maintained for up to 18 hours using Positive Action Day and Night Care creams.

Black spots: 

There is a place to make black spots around the eyes. Weakness of blood circulation around the eyes, in addition to insomnia, age, exposure to sunlight - this condition can be more pronounced. The light blue or brown color that appears under the eyes is due to blood clots in the sensitive particles of the skin in this part, which can be seen by looking at the thin skin around the eyes.

Using Resinance ice cream for instant relief from all these problems will make you look a little lighter. The skin around the eyes will be more resilient if used in combination with red olji tree Clinic Daily Isever. As a result, blood vessels will be visible.

Swollen eyes: 

The eyelids become swollen due to reduced lymph flow. As a result, the fluid under the skin accumulates and swells. Swelling of the eyelids may be seen as a result of retention of fluid. Lack of proper blood circulation, hormonal effects, use of oily eye cosmetics can exacerbate this problem. Swelling of the eyelids can also be caused by various chemical or environmental allergies. Both smoking and excessive drinking are responsible for this problem.

To get rid of this condition, you should lie down with your head above your knees so that the smooth lymph flow can continue. Just using the cream will not cause swelling. So you have to try to control the accumulation of water in the body, eating too much salt, not controlling the intake of food etc. Low puffer cream is somewhat beneficial.

Ink accumulates under the eyes and fat accumulates: Fat accumulates under the eyes. It deteriorates with age. This results in swelling and wrinkles. These can escalate further, especially if care is not taken gently or smoothly. Many people have problems with dark circles under the eyes and as a result are very anxious and worried. The main cause of this problem is poor health. Ink may appear under the eyes of people with debilitating diseases. This problem can also be due to staying up late or studying at night, studying in low light at night, mental anxiety etc. It can also be a problem for many in old age.

In addition, those who have cataracts, those who have a habit of rubbing their eyes, ink may accumulate under their eyes. Some ailments or the use of medicines or cosmetics can also cause ink to fall under the eyes.


It is important to know the cause before starting treatment. The causes of ink under the eyes must be removed first. Second, having light ink under the eyes can enhance beauty. However, if it is more black, you have to massage your face. Care should be taken in the use of medicines and cosmetics. If ink falls under the eyes due to dermatitis, it is necessary to see a dermatologist. First, it is important to make sure that adequate sleep is not disturbed under any circumstances. The corners of the eyes need to be cleaned regularly with cleansing milk and under eye cream can be used. There are several benefits to using coconut water, potato or cucumber juice at home. Care should be taken in eating and drinking so that no food causes constipation. Eating habits should be kept right. It is better not to eat too much fried food. As the skin gets darker with age and the ink falls under the eyes, it can be repaired through facelifting surgery.



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