5 health benefits of eating Wood Apple (Kodbel)

5 health benefits of eating Wood Apple (Kodbel)

Nutrition and benefits of Wood Apple (Kodbel)

Wood Apple is a very familiar fruit. This fruit is shaped like a ball. The upper part of the fruit is hard and the inner part is soft. Like other fruits, Wood Apple is rich in nutritional value which increases the strength of the body and eliminates anemia. It contains a lot of food energy. Eating Wood Apple helps cleanse your body of blood and helps prevent heart palpitations and low blood pressure.


Nutrients per 1 Wood Apple-Vitamin-C 12 mg, Mineral 2.3 g, Non-vegetarian 5.5 g, Fat 0.1 g, Sugar 6.9 g, Calcium 3.9 mg, Iron 1.8 mg, Vitamin-B 1 mg and Calories 59 kg.

Here are some benefits of eating Wood Apple (Kodbel)-

Beneficial in stomach ailments

Wood Apple contains tannins, which help cure diarrhea and abdominal pain. How much stomach is good for diarrhea, indigestion. Beneficial for cholera and piles. Wood Apple can cure stomach ulcers.

Keeps the kidneys well

Wood Apple plays an effective role as a medicine to cure kidney problems. Wood Apple acts as a diuretic and keeps the kidneys well. Eating Wood Apple keeps the liver and heart healthy.

Cleanses the blood

Wood Apple also cleans the blood of the body and plays a role in reducing blood pressure. Playing Wood Apple eliminates the weakness of the body, increases the instant strength and eliminates the anemia. Regular consumption of this fruit eliminates the problem related to the lack of hormones. Wood Apple even cures cancer.

Makeup with Wood Apple

Vitamin-C of Wood Apple removes acne or pimples on the face. Applying Wood Apple juice with honey on the face keeps the skin well.

Beneficial in diabetics

The body produces insulin by playing Wood Apple. Regular consumption of Wood Apple plays an important role in preventing diabetes.


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