The Birth Story of The Earth and The Soil

The Birth Story of The Earth and The Soil

It is difficult to say what the surface of the earth looked like millions of years ago. Because so far the earth surface has changed a lot. At the very beginning, the appearance has not survived in any part of the world. According to scientists, a solid layer of igneous rock formed on the surface of the earth about a billion years after its birth. Originally this was the first state of the crust. Then the combination of these igneous rocks and some other substances created our very familiar soil. The top of the earth hardened, but the inside is still full of fluid. Liquid seas of iron, nickel, etc. exist inside the earth.

The birth story of the soil

Scientists say that life would not have been possible without soil. So we need to know what soil is, how soil is born. I have already said that the soil was born from volcanic rock. The volcano is again divided into two parts. One plutonic or granite rock, two, volcanic or basalt rock. Granite rock is mainly quartz, crystal and

Avro-made of these three minerals. The density of basalt is higher than that of ganite. It contains about fifty percent sand. Most of the molten lava that comes out of the earth crust during volcanic eruptions is basalt rock.

Scientists believe that these two types of igneous rocks have been transformed into sedimentary rocks through various transformations. This change did not happen in one or two years. For millions of years, volcanoes that have accumulated on Earth surface have been eroded by sunlight, water currents, and wind currents, and have accumulated at the bottom of oceans, rivers, or lakes. Sedimentary rock is therefore another name for stratified rock.

There are many more types of rocks besides these three types of rocks. Such as Nice, Limestone, Marble Stone, Komartzite etc. As scientists, we have formed this crust with eight hundred and fifty rocks. These eight hundred and fifty types of rocks are further divided into two parts - continental and marine.

Continental rocks are lighter in weight, and contain more silica and alumina. Marine rocks are heavy in weight, as they are rich in iron and magnesium.

The rocks that make up the earth surface contain a variety of minerals. Minerals are of two types. Metal and non-metallic. Iron, copper, gold minerals and non-metallic minerals like coal, petroleum etc.

The rocks are arranged in layers in the course of evolution on the surface of the earth. Earthquakes are by far the most severe as a result of rock falls on rocks for some reason. This is called tectonic earthquake. This time let us talk about soil. Soil is formed from eroded rocks. However, not only rocks, but also the fossils of various minerals, organisms and plants have formed this soil today by mixing with the crushed rock in a special process for many millions of years. Germs, water and air also play a role in creating soil from rocks. There are many other types of soil. Sandy soil, etel clay loam soil, palmati soil.


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