The Creation of Water on Earth

The Creation of Water on Earth

We have a fair idea about the birth, size and structure of the earth. Let us talk a little bit about the climate of the world. Because, if we do not know about these two things, our idea about the history of the world will remain incomplete. Because three-quarters of this earth is water and one-third is land.

As I said before, at the time of birth, the Earth got a little water vapor along with a lighter atmosphere. But even if it gets water vapor, it will rain

The situation was not like that then. Because then the earth was very hot. Gradually, as the earth cooled, the water vapor in the atmosphere condensed and rained down on the earth. But the earth could not hold that water for long. The surface of the heated earth evaporated the water back into the sky. The steam condensed and rained again on the earth. This went on for thousands of years. As a result of this constant exchange of water, the earth once became quite cold. Creation is of mountains, rivers and seas. The world became watery in water. According to scientists, the first life began in the heart of that primitive submerged earth. There is another name of water in the words, the life story is literally true. Because of the presence of water in the earth crust has made possible the diversified development of the living world.

Think of the plant world, strange as it may sound, but it is true that almost all of the plant body is made up of water. The survival of plants depends heavily on water. Plants take food dissolved in water from the soil. After taking the food, 99.9 percent of the water evaporates through the leaves and spreads in the air. This action of plants is called perspiration.

Looking at the fauna, the need for water seems to be greater. The amount of water in the body of an adult human is about eighty percent. This amount is even higher in full condition - about ninety percent. Excess water is seen everywhere in the fat-flesh-blood of the organism. As the amount of water in the body decreases with age, it is consumed by corrosion.

Only a hundred years ago, people had the idea that water is a basic substance. But experiments by a few scientists have shown that water is not a basic substance. Hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water. Each atom of water contains two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.


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