How Volcanoes are Formed

How Volcanoes are Formed

The surface of the earth has been cold for billions of years. But the earth is still filled with terribly hot liquids and gases. And those liquids and gases sometimes come out of the earth surface in the form of lava and ash through some cracks in the earth surface. This crack is called volcano. And the place where the lava ash comes out quickly through the cracks of the high place, that place is called volcano. Volcanic ash from volcanoes is called volcanic eruptions.


One element of the earth is igneous rock. After the birth of the earth, the heated liquid state gradually acquires a solid state after heat radiation, the first layer of rock formed at this time was igneous rock. Volcanic rock composed of various chemicals. Its main is sand or silica. Volcanic rocks can be acidic or alkaline depending on the silica.


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