What to do to relieve back pain

What to do to relieve back pain

All ages can suffer from back pain. The unbearable pain of back pain becomes an obstacle to normal life. Back pain can include back and spinal pain, constipation, indigestion, and nausea.

The problem of back pain is now becoming apparent because most of the time working on the computer for a long time. As a result of sitting and working for a long time

There is no muscle movement. Not exercising and not taking breaks between work is a big cause of back pain.

Here are some rules to get rid of back pain:


Physical exercise helps maintain the well-being of any physical activity. If you want to stay healthy, you must do some exercise every day. Among them, Shalabhasana and Markatasana will get rid of back pain if you follow these exercises regularly.

Do not sit for long periods of time

There are many people who are constantly working on your body. Do not sit in one place for more than two hours. Take a break for an hour.

Use painkillers

The use of painkillers can relieve back pain. You will also get relief by massaging olive oil. You can also use mustard oil.


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