Benefits of Longan fruit

Benefits of Longan fruit

Longan is a fruit that is juicy and sweet. Longan grows in tropical countries. Longan fruit is a member of the soapberry family native to the Asian continent. The white part of this fruit is eaten. This fruit is very similar to litchi. The longan fruit has a brownish rind with a white soft interior and a black seed in the middle.

Longan fruit exhibits minerals, ascorbic acid, polysaccharides, riboflavin and phenols, antioxidant and antipyretic properties.

Longan fruit nourishes the body, slows aging, improves memory and sleep. Longan fruit is aimed at fighting obesity. Normalizes metabolism, is used to maintain the body immunity, vision and calm the nervous system.

What are the benefits of longan fruit?

Relieves insomnia

Longan fruit has been used as a remedy for insomnia. It improves sleep by calming the mind. Controls weight, relieves insomnia, eating longan fruit leads to better sleep.

Can reduce inflammation and eliminate fat

Longan fruit is more effective than gout medicine. Burns fat, reduces body weight and blood triglyceride levels. Eliminates fat through stool. Longan helps reduce weight gain and reduce liver fat.


Longan fruit is rich in gallic acid and ellagic acid, which act as a powerful natural antioxidant. Longan fruit extract can neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammation in immune cells.


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