Benefits of parboiled rice in eating and drinking to stay healthy

Benefits of parboiled rice in eating and drinking to stay healthy

Everything from food to drink is necessary to stay healthy. Keeping the body healthy is the first purpose of life. According to nutritionists, if the rice is not polished, then there is not much nutritional difference between rice and bread. Parboiled rice is most beneficial.

Rice Fortification:

Rice is the main food of almost people in the world because of its high quality and energy. Cooking rice by discarding the rice fan reduces the benefits of rice. Besides, the nutritional value of machine-polished rice is also very low. Dheki chathiai rice is more beneficial. If the rice is not cooked properly and if the rice is not covered, the benefits of rice are reduced. Due to the loss of most of the vitamins in rice, eating rice often causes heartburn, indigestion, beriberi etc.

Wheat is generally considered to have more nutritional value than rice. It is more beneficial to separate the rice fan and make syrup with lemon juice, salt and sugar. While cooking the rice, water should be added in such quantity that it dries and does not become fluffy but makes a neat rice.

Khichuri is made by mixing rice and pulses. Moong dal is the food of Asakh. Khichuri is more nutritious than rice.

Eight-fold Manda:

Rice is made of Ashtaguna Manda which can be called both food and medicine.

Method of Making Eightfold Manda:

Boil 50 grams of rice with 50 grams of mung beans and 5 cups of water. While boiling, mix asafoetida, salt coriander powder, shoot or dry ginger powder, pepper and pipul powder. Total amount is 1 teaspoons. The pot should be covered in such a way that steam does not escape. The eightfold manda prepared in this way is antipyretic, and antiphlogistic of phlegm, rheumatism and pitta.

The Eightfold Manda increases blood in the body, increases appetite and strengthens the body.

Milk-Rice and Curd-Rice are good food to increase blood and strengthen the body. The quality of rice depends on the paddy.

Paddy is generally of five types. Shali, Brihi, Shuk, Shimbi and Kangani.

Red Shali

Cools the body, quick digestion, gives energy, increases sperm, diuretic, good for the eyes, useful in bile and gouty diseases, quenches fever, cough, acne and thirst.

Shali paddy

Cools the body, increases taste, strength and sukra, easy digestion, excretory urine, destroys constipation, clears throat tone, destroys bile, but increases phlegm and rheumatism.


Relieves rheumatism and pitta problems and prevents constipation. Brihi rice is as beneficial as Shali rice.


Increases appetite, good for mouth disease, increases taste, rheumatism, pitta, phlegm destroyer.


Destroys phlegm, increases Venus, increases air, roughness and gurpak.

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