kalanchoe pinnata (Patharkuchi leaves) Health Benefits

kalanchoe pinnata (Patharkuchi leaves) Health Benefits

Unbelievable Medicinal Properties and Uses of kalanchoe pinnata benefits

Patharkuchi leaves have been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times. Seedlings can be easily propagated from these leaves. Its scientific name is Kalanchoe pinnata Pers. It is about two to three feet in shape. Its leaf shape is quite full. If any part of the body is burning, wash the leaves of Patharkuchi well with hot water and eat it, you will get a lot of benefits.

Patharkuchi leaves help in kidney, high blood pressure diseases especially. The antibacterial, antifungal properties of Patharkuchi leaves provide relief from insect bites, wounds and pain relief. Helps to remove kidney stones. Juice should be consumed twice a day. Its juice is very useful to prevent any liver problems. Relieves flatulence, retention of urine, two teaspoonfuls of the juice of the leaves of the stone.

Medicinal properties of crushed leaves:

* Pathrakuchi leaves help to remove kidney stones.

* Relieves goitre.

* Helps heal body pain.

* Helps to dry cut.

* Relieves piles and horse diseases.

* Very useful to cure cold.

* Helps reduce bleeding.

* Helps in digestion by removing flatulence.

* Very useful for cholera, diarrhea and blood dysentery.

* Useful to remove inflammation in the body.

* Beneficial in removing poison from insects.

* Helps control high blood pressure.

* Relieves bladder problems.

* Very beneficial for skin.

* Relieves boil pain.

* In case of epilepsy, the juice of stone leaves relieves.

* Patharkuchi leaves are very effective in preventing water borne diseases.

* To prevent scabies, in case of allergic infection, to solve the problem of crushed leaf juice.

Disadvantages of crushed leaves

There are several side effects of consuming excess pathrakuchi leaf juice. Let us know about the disadvantages-

* There is a possibility of loss of taste in the mouth.

* May cause stomach problems.

* Gallbladder problems may occur.

* Loss of appetite may occur.

* May cause diarrhea.


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