Amaranthus Spinosus (Note shak) Health Benefits

Amaranthus Spinosus (Note shak) Health Benefits

Health Benefits and Medicinal Properties of Note shak - Amaranthus spinosus  benefits

Amaranthus spinosus is one of the most complete and cheap in price. The roots and leaves of this plant are used as medicine for various diseases. Nutrients are very important to get nutrients and vitamin C. Amaranthus spinosus are free from digestive disorders. The young leaves of this vegetable are fried or boiled as chachadi and eaten with little oil and salt, it cleans the stool, keeps the body cool, cleans the blood and is useful as a food.

Amaranthus spinosus to stay healthy:

1. If there is itching, leprosy, body irritation, liver and bile diseases then frying this vegetable regularly will get benefits.

2. Consuming it will provide relief from painful menstruation, venereal and urinary diseases and pain. Breastfeeding mothers increase breast milk by eating fried vegetables.

3. Amaranthus spinosus are used to remove toxins from the body. Also Amaranthus spinosus is very effective in eye problems, stomach diseases, bleeding, constipation, liver problems, fever.

4. Skin diseases, leprosy, skin diseases are relieved by eating Amaranthus spinosus vegetables. Eating Amaranthus spinosus vegetable juice cures itching, warms the body.

5. Amaranthus spinosus are useful in eye problems. Amaranthus spinosus should be eaten regularly to remove eye irritation, redness, eye diseases and discomfort.

6. To keep the body healthy, this vegetable increases appetite, purifies the excreta. Expels the accumulated faeces in the intestines and cures constipation. Bile is relieved by eating Amaranthus spinosus.

7. Vegetables are not beneficial for mothers. Those who are physically weak can be allowed to eat without fear.


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