Cod Fish Health Benefits

Cod Fish Health Benefits

Do you know the benefits of cod fish? 

Cod fish is white, saltwater. It is a member of the Gadidae family. Cod fish is 2% fat in its natural state. Cod is a medium sized fish. It is usually 50 to 70 cm in length and weighs 35 to 90 kg. There are about 60 different species of cod fish. It is a fish with prominent jaws and small eyes. Other names for cod are carbonero, stoker, plegonero. Cod fish can be identified by the white dorsal/nerve line, three dorsal fins and a barbel below the mouth. Cod fish contains white fat and it stores fat in the liver and skin. Cod is a salty fish. Cod is found in two types, under the sea, in deep water.

Nutritional value of cod fish

Provides calories, protein, fat, iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Cod fish is good for osteoporosis, heart, muscle contraction and brain. Its omega 3 fatty acids help lower cholesterol.

Helps reduce cholesterol levels

Cod fish, vitamins and minerals are low in calories. Omega 3 fatty acids in it are beneficial for the body, they help to reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Maintains good heart health

Cod liver is a diabetic supplement. Cod fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid. The main active ingredient in cod liver oil is vitamin A and D used for disease prevention. It helps pregnant women in nutrition. Cod liver oil plays a role in maintaining good heart health.

Relieves arthritis pain

Cod liver oil plays a role in relieving the pain of arthritis. Cod liver oil, this oil is obtained from the liver of cod fish. Deficiency of vitamin D in the body can lead to joint stiffness, arthritis, heart disease. Cod liver oil plays an important role in hair care.

Increases immunity

Cod fish is beneficial for the skin and plays a role in maintaining proper levels of body fat. Cod liver oil is full of good fats. It contains omega 3 fatty acids which are good for the skin. Cod fish maintains the body vitamin balance, adjusts carbohydrate balance, improves immunity, blood sugar levels.

Side effects of Cod Fish

Cod fish contains most types of mercury. Excessive mercury intake can cause toxic neurological disorders. May be problematic in children


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