Food list for gastric and liver patients

Food list for gastric and liver patients

 Can eat:

1. Soft rice and barley rice, soft bread.

2. All kinds of vegetables including papaya, gourd, komara.

3. Curries cooked with less salt and less oil.

4. You can eat fish such as Shing, Rui, Katla, Punti, Tengra, Pabda etc.

5. Can eat native chicken or rooster.

6. You can eat apple, papaya, jam, pear, mango, guava, pineapple.

 Do not eat:

1. Stay away from sweetened foods and sweetened fruit juices with added sugar.

2. Salt added and red meat.

3. Fried or extra oily food. They are high in fat and calories.

4. Roast, kasha, jhal, masala food.

5. Foods like beef and pork.

6. Hilsa, Pangas, Lobster are prohibited.

7. Eating bharta, shutki, pickles, chutney is prohibited.

8. Smoking of any kind, jorda, beans, tobacco, white leaf, alcohol is prohibited.

9. Food prepared outside or in the hotel is prohibited.

10. Eating jackfruit is prohibited.

11. Do not drink tea, coffee.

Special rules:

1. Do not drink water with food. (Drink water half an hour after eating.)

2. Do not go to bed after eating. (Go to bed an hour after eating.)

3. Do not do heavy work and do not bend or stoop after meals. (Prayer before meals.)

4. Eat regular meals: breakfast between 8.00 am and lunch between 2.00 pm and dinner between 10.00 pm.


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