Coronavirus (covid-19) Symptoms Day by Day

Coronavirus (covid-19) Symptoms Day by Day

covid-19 symptoms

First to third day.

* Fever 

* Mild sore throat

Fourth day

* Headache 

* Sore throat 

* Broken throat 

* Loss of appetite 

* Diarrhea 

* Increased body temperature

Fifth day

* Fatigue : Muscle pain 

* Dry cough.

Sixth day

* Slight fever, like 100 degrees 

* Shortness of breath 

* Diarrhea or vomiting

* Cough or dry cough 

Seventh day

* High fever, over 100 degrees

* Body aches 

* More coughing 

* Diarrhea or vomiting

Eighth and Ninth day.

* Shortness of breath will increase

* Symptoms will be more severe 

* Fever will increase 

During this time you need to have blood test, chest x-ray. If suspected as infected.


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