How to preserve nutrients while cooking?

How to preserve nutrients while cooking?

Cooking techniques while maintaining nutritional value.

1. First, vegetables should be cooked and eaten as fresh as possible. The longer the vegetable is cooked, the lower its nutritional value.

2. Vegetables should always be washed thoroughly before cutting. It is not good to cut and wash, it loses nutrients with water.

3. Vegetables should be cut with cabbage as much as possible, because vitamins are more under the cabbage.

4. Use less spices as possible. Vegetables should be cooked with enough oil to get the benefits.

5. Vitamin C is destroyed by contact with iron or copper. So it is better to cook in clay or aluminum pots.

6. Vitamin C is more available if curry is cooked in less water. If you leave the vegetables after boiling water, less nutrients are lost.

7. Carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, mint leaves, lettuce and salad will provide more nutrients.

8. Boil vegetables as little as possible while cooking. Because overcooking and over-melting wastes nutrients.

9. During cooking, cover the mouth of the pot with a lid so that outside air cannot enter inside the pot.

10. Do not throw away the water after boiling the vegetables. This water can be used with dal or other curries or it is better to dry it in the curry container.

11. Vegetables should be thinly sliced. Cut as much as possible.

12. Do not use baking soda or any other chemicals to speed up cooking. It destroys vitamin C and B.

13, cook on low flame or low flame. Cooking on high flame reduces the nutritional value.

14. Best served immediately after cooking.


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