Here are 3 Health benefits of Whole Grains

Here are 3 Health benefits of Whole Grains

We all know about the numerous benefits of whole grains. Whole grains provide more dietary energy than any other type of grain. But 3 whole grains are getting all the attention.


The antioxidant avinanthrami present in oats keeps the body LDL levels under control by increasing the production of nitric oxide. Which in turn can provide protection from stroke and reduce the risk of heart disease or hypertension. Beta-glucone in oats boosts the immune system. Its nutritional value is manganese, magnesium,

Iron, Zinc, Folate, Vitamin B etc are present.


Eating barley daily helps in controlling cholesterol. Barley antioxidant properties help rid the body of harmful free radicals. Barley can also regulate blood sugar levels. The fiber beta-glucan in it helps protect against heart attacks and strokes by lowering bad cholesterol LDL. by doing Fiber and magnesium present in barley control diabetes.


Benefits of quinoa in solving digestive problems. Since quinoa whole grains are rich in fiber, it improves digestive health and nourishes the gut by helping your stomach metabolize food. Anti-inflammatory flavonoids called kaempferol and quercetin help eliminate toxins from the body.

Other Benefits of These 3 Whole Grains

• Reduces inflammation

• Helps control blood sugar

• Loses weight

• Relieves constipation

• Protects the stomach.


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