Benefits of Sesame Oil

Benefits of Sesame Oil

Application of sesame oil to stay healthy

The word oil comes from sesame. There are three types of moles - black, white and red. Sesame oil is nutritious. Among the three types of sesame oil, black sesame is said to be the best. Sesame oil is good for phlegm, choleretic, tonic, hair. Milk, excellent for teeth, destroys pimples and acne. Sesame oil contains vitamins, copper, zinc, calcium and phosphorus, fatty acids, oleic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid and stearic acid.

Sesame oil health benefit.

1. Eating sesame makes teeth strong. Chewing a handful of sesame seeds provides strength and nutrition Also the teeth become strong.

2. Eating sesame relieves hemorrhoids.

3. Sesame contains high levels of calcium and is therefore beneficial for children. If you eat sesame seeds every day, children become hot.

4. Applying sesame oil on the burnt area of ​​the body is beneficial. Sesame oil can also be heated.

5. Applying sesame oil on any part of the body will relieve the irritation.

6. Applying sesame oil on chapped hands and feet or lips is also beneficial.

7. If mixed with sesame oil, it works better than ointment.

8. Sesame oil spreads quickly in the body and is digested quickly and keeps the body healthy.

9. A special property of sesame oil is that this oil removes arthritis.

10. Sesame oil should be consumed in women who have irregular menstruation.

11. Sesame oil binds the stool and flushes out the accumulated stool.

12. Sesame, barley, sugar crushed and mixed with honey stops postpartum bleeding.

13. Sesame and sugar mixed with honey and licked will stop bleeding from the stools of children.

14. Chewing black sesame and brushing the teeth strengthens the teeth, strengthens the body and improves blood circulation.

15. Black sesame and goat milk mixed together cures dysentery.

16. Mixing sesame oil with butter reduces hemorrhoidal bleeding.

17. Hot massage with garlic cloves in sesame oil cures back pain, joint pain, pain in any part.

18. Those with premature graying of hair will also benefit from the application of sesame seeds.

19. Sesame seeds and sugar mixed together are beneficial for arthritis.

20. If you have a toothache, you can get relief by heating sesame oil and gurgling it.

21. Sesame oil stops hair fall, hair becomes thick black.


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