Mustard Oil Benefits and Side Effects

Mustard Oil Benefits and Side Effects

Mustard oil has been used since ancient times for its medicinal properties. Mustard oil is as useful as it is essential. Mustard oil contains protein, vitamin E, calcium, vitamin B complex, omega, fatty acids, iron and magnesium, will promote hair growth, darken hair and prevent graying of hair. Massaging mustard oil on the body stimulates blood circulation and lowers body temperature.

Regular use of mustard oil has multiple benefits. Know the quality of mustard oil.

1. For fever-cold-cough, mix black cumin with warm mustard oil and apply on the body, you will get benefits.

2. Mustard oil protects the skin from the sun harmful ultraviolet rays.

3. Mustard oil is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, prevents allergies.

4. Mustard oil relieves skin dryness.

5. Relief from bone pain in the body Mustard oil and ginger reduce pain. Massage mustard oil to relieve joint pain. You will get comfort.

6. Mustard oil is good for heart problems. It contains unsaturated fats. As a result, it reduces the amount of cholesterol.

7. Fish cooking, potato rice, pickle mustard oil brings deliciousness.

8.Mustard oil increases appetite, expels faeces, destroys phlegm, fat, skin pain, ear itching, leprosy, worms, whiteheads and acne.

9. Mustard oil massage is especially beneficial for sore throat, rheumatism.

10. Mustard oil massaged on the soles of the feet and in the nose relieves colds.

11. Applying this oil outside the throat is beneficial for sore throat.

12. Mustard oil is beneficial for arthritis pain.

13. Eating a small amount of mustard oil improves digestion.

14. Mustard oil destroys infection and prevents putrefaction.

15. Keeping mustard oil on the body for a while during daily bath makes the skin glow.

16.Massaging mustard oil relieves sore throat, headache.

17. Mixing jaggery with mustard oil is beneficial in respiratory diseases.

18. A drop of this oil in the ear cures tinnitus, ringing in the ears or deafness.

Side Effects

In this way, gharasarsha oil is very beneficial. However, consuming too much mustard oil will cause diseases like indigestion, flatulence etc. Therefore, cooking should be done with as little oil as possible.


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