Benefits of eating Jaggery to stay Healthy

Benefits of eating Jaggery to stay Healthy

Jaggery is rich in nutrients. Molasses is made by thickening most of the watery juice of the sugarcane juice. All the minerals and alkalis of sugarcane juice are preserved in molasses. It is because of these minerals that jaggery looks so cloudy and impure. Jaggery has 33 percent more nutrients than sugar. Therefore jaggery provides more energy than sugar.

Eating jaggery increases immunity. Jaggery maintains body temperature. Jaggery is calorific, which keeps the body warm. One who is physically weak, one who has worked too hard, one who has poisoned his body, one who suffers from lack of urine, one who has kidney or gallstone, one who suffers from fever or malaria, one who has anemia, one who suffers from decay, one who has cholestasis, burns, If he has problem of thirst etc., he will get benefit if he eat jaggery regularly.

Application of jaggery to stay healthy-

1. If you start any work by eating jaggery, you will get more energy for that work. Those who are tired and have done very hard work, eat jaggery and get benefits.

2. If you mix jaggery and little ghee and make lado, you get windy and hungry in winter.

3. Eating jaggery after hard work relieves fatigue. The older the molasses, the more beneficial it is to the body.

4. Old jaggery is more beneficial than new jaggery. Jaggery is beneficial for the heart.

5. Jaggery is easily digested. Jaggery cures anemia, jaundice, pitta dosha and swelling in any place.

6. Consuming molasses is beneficial in diseases such as dysentery, apathy, decay, cough, chest injury, weakness etc.

7. Jaggery is high in calories and sugars. Feeding molasses saline to a diarrheic patient helps retain water in the body.

8. Eating jaggery cleanses the liver by removing harmful toxins from the body.

9. Eating jaggery can get rid of cold and cough.

10. Jaggery cures respiratory problems, migraine problems and anemia.

Being high in calories, jaggery helps in gaining weight quickly.


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