Benefits of Felon Bean (Biuli Bean)

Benefits of Felon Bean (Biuli Bean)

Felon Bean (Biuli Bean)  are a type of seed grain. Scientific name is Vigna unguiculata. Felon Bean is cultivated in dry regions of Asia, Europe. Felon Bean is very tasty to eat.

Felon leaves are green in color. Felon seeds are gray in color with dark spots. Farmers cultivate fallow on abandoned land.

Felon Bean is very beneficial for the body, it helps in controlling cholesterol in the body. It has a lot of energy and protein.

Its sowing time is November to December. The seeds can be sown by sprinkling. Make arrangements to drain water so that water does not accumulate on the ground. Weed control should be done after 25 days of seedling emergence.

Felon Bean (Biuli Bean) an important role in meeting the demand of meat. For this,  Felon Bean (Biuli Bean) should be cultivated. This Felon Bean (Biuli Bean) can be cultivated in the home garden.

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