How to prevent the risk of Cancer

How to prevent the risk of Cancer

What to do to prevent cancer First of all, people need to know why cancer occurs. People should avoid cancer risks. It is necessary to know why cancer occurs and what can be done to prevent cancer.


There are many hygiene rules to follow to prevent cancer. For example, eating healthy food, exercising, boosting immunity with vaccines. For example – HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, Hepatitis-B virus vaccine to prevent liver cancer.


10 percent of cancer cases are hereditary. Cancer is likely to pass from one generation to another through genes. For example, eye screen or retina cancer is caused by genetics.

The environment

Cancer also comes into our body due to environmental factors. For example, tobacco. Tobacco contains thousands of chemicals that directly cause cancer. Arsenic, alcohol are also responsible for causing cancer.

Radiation also causes cancer. If the ultraviolet rays of the sun fall on the body for a long time, a type of cancer occurs in the skin.


Eating too much meat or fatty foods increases the risk of cancer. In this case there is a possibility of rectal and colon cancer.

Physical activity

Even if exercise, walking is less, it causes cancer. Breast cancer risk in women due to circumcision. Women who are unable to breastfeed, or are unmarried or married late, are at higher risk for breast cancer. In cases of uterine cancer, those who marry young or live in unhealthy environments are more likely to develop cancer.


Cancer is preventable if the patient consults a doctor and takes treatment accordingly, there is a chance of recovery.


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