Benefits of Alkushi seeds (velvet seeds)

Benefits of Alkushi seeds (velvet seeds)

Alkushi seeds (velvet seeds)

Alkushi is a herbaceous plant of the bean family. Looks like a bean, has 4-6 seeds. Alkushi creeper causes itching or irritation when applied to the body. Alkushi roots, seeds and leaves are used in medicine. Alkushi seeds have medicinal properties.

Know the medicinal properties of Alkushi seeds (velvet seeds) -

Bleeding is cured

Boiling a decoction of Alkushi and consuming it daily cures blood disorders. Take sixteen times the water of alkushi seeds. Now heat the pot on low flame. Now drain the half of the water, Alkushi decoction is ready.

Energy is transmitted to the body

Consuming crushed seeds of Alkushi with water is beneficial. Consuming Alkushi seeds with honey removes weakness and infuses energy into the body. Consuming with milk makes the senses strong and active. Eating with sugar and milk relieves rheumatism, increases sperm and removes nervous weakness.

Stomach is cold

Consuming Alkushi seeds mixed with water cools the stomach. Consuming it twice a day releases phlegm, cures dysentery.

Reduces inflammation

Applying powder of Alkushi seeds to insect spider bites reduces the pain. Alkushi leaf juice given in boil gives relief. Diuretic and very beneficial in curing urinary diseases.


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